“I’m everything that I am not
I write words that are written
I draw pictures that are already painted
My smile is my weakness
And my faith is my strength
beauty is not my thing
yet it’s the way that I think
I still look for myself
between now and then
I take more than I deserve
I try to Learn something about everything”

My name is Lina Al-Sharif. I started this blog in 2007. And since then it’s been on and off.  I currently live in Doha, Qatar. Contact: palilinz@gmail.com

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  1. Awww bless ya Linzoo!! Ur story lives on hun 😀
    May Allah bless ya!! n give u whatever u wish 4! and may He bless and lighten up ur future and the future of Palestine!
    tc hunz xx

  2. asslamu alikom

    I liked ur blog so much, and i knew already that I’ll do coz I liked ur ” lostmoros’ ” when it was existed !

    anyway… keep it up and be strong!

  3. dear lina
    i am reading your blog now and i love the way yoyu express things…
    i am an iugaza.edu student, we may meet one day
    salam till i c u

    • Thank u for your kind words 🙂
      Seriously, for the 1st time I receive comment from India. That’s so cooool 🙂

  4. salam ! lina i like the way you think very much . i know you from univ. and i admire u very much i hope we will know each others well soon . i love your blog and love our teacher because she asked about the word ” blog ” to know yours .
    beauty is not my thing
    yet it’s the way that I think
    i love these lines most and i think that you are very beautifull , soul and face .

  5. Salam Lina,
    Solidarity from Ireland.
    Enjoy your blog very much, keep up the good work!
    I am an artist as well and I appreciate your graphic work, you are very talented

    Our prayers are with you and your country

    • Salam!!
      Thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me when I know that there’s people dedicate time and effort for our cause. God bless you!

  6. Hi,lina

    Nice to see a fellow outlandish fan. I’m 28, male from Indonesia.

    I got hooked by ol for the first time after listening to their second album. Their lyrics are so beautiful, especially look into my eyes & i’ve seen. I’m not particularly a hip hop fan, but their songs are different, nothing about party til you drunk/ female harrasment/ bling2. Thier different ethnicity background also make their songs more colorful.

    I also like them because 2 of them are practising muslims. How cool is that. Even cooler, they’re big in their native country, Denmark. Come on, Denmark, the land of Muhammad (MPBUH) cartoons.

    I’m Insy’Allah gonna buy this album, if I could find it (the last one was imported)

    Nice artwork. May Allah bring peace to Palestine.

    By the way, I also like DAM, the rap group.

  7. Hi Lina,

    I was searching the lyrics of Outlandish-sound of a rebel and thats how I stumbled upon your blog and couldn’t help reading your entire blog.
    I really liked this blog and I have complete faith in Allah that things will soon be alright.

  8. really
    today when i saw this blog I knew how the person can be mojahed from his/her home
    كما أن الأمة بحاجة لمن يموت في سبيلها فهي بحاجة إلى من يعيش في سبيلها
    I really loved your blog
    keep on going and be strong

  9. Hey there,

    I’ve just read your interview in Libération and checked your blog, so I just wanted to tell you that, keep on writing, keep on drawing, and always keep that fresh spirit of yours !

    Take care

  10. Hi,
    The article in Libération was translated in Italian and published in “Internazionale” magazine. I do wish you will be a journalist for Al Jazeera one day. And I’ll read your blog regularly from now on.
    Thank you for all this!

  11. Lina, I’m writting from Colombia. I like so much your blog, congratulations for do something. It will great if all people do something to change the world, to do the world a better place.
    I’m study literature, like you 🙂
    and I wrote my thesis about palestine novel, about Ghassan Kanafani, Emile Habibi and Anton Shammas.


  12. Salaam aleikum,

    Ahmed, from the Netherlands. One word; great blog! Ah I mean two words ofcourse 🙂
    We all love Gaza and we all support you and our brothers and sisters in Palestina!
    Never forget that all around the world people supporting you, form Amsterdam to Prague from Casablanca to Cairo!

    Wa aleikum salaam

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  15. It is a shame you have to live under the terror of a Hamas government that cares more about killing Jews than it does caring for its own people. The pain you suffer is by most part due to the actions of the terrorist govt of Hamas. I pray the people of Gaza will rise up and overthrow Hamas and bring freedom to Gaza.

    • Excuse me … I do not allow anyone to incite our people

      against his government …And also do not allow any one

      to try to differentiate between our people …….ok…

  16. hej Lina,
    I just found out your blog.I want u konw that We r all your side.wishing peace be with you all…we ll end this crap one day..Salam from Turkey..

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  19. Hey,
    I have only reached a small portion, but enjoy reading your various posts. I happen to be serving in the Israeli army and feel it is for the better to spend some time in understanding the various aspects of life in Gaza. I wont comment on actions of either side, but in the end we hope that the violence and ultimately entire situation will come to a halt as quickly as possible.

  20. Hello Lina! congratulations to your blog! I found it through report newspaper from Brazil, from now I will follow you. I want to know the really situation of Gaza. Tell us more, please.

  21. solidarity from South Africa–I am a 40 something year old student of history and a veteran of the struggle against apartheid–I love yr blog– i feel a special affinity to your struggle as it is so similar to what my country went through and I love reading about life in Gaza. by the way a smile is never a weakness– it shows a love of life which is the greatest strength there is– Respect and keep up the good work

  22. Hey lina..

    Keep blogging…
    You have people all across the world praying for your peace and in solidarity wid Gaza

    May Allah protect the people of Palestine

    From doha,

  23. Look at how you bring people together, Lina. The politicians cannot do this as well as you. Thanks and peace to you and yours. The world is paying attention.

  24. Hi….
    I saw your name mentioned in the Gaza article in TIME magazine…and so I just read your poem.
    ….now that I read your poem; I’m going to follow your blog.

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