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For The Women


For the Women

For the women who think
I’m too dark
my hair is too tangled
I’m too tall, too short
too round, too flat
I forgive you.

For the women who pity me
because I’m alive
but my womb is always vacant
because I’m a mother
but all my children are females
I forgive you.

For the women who shame me
because I’m putting a ring on it
I’m not putting a ring on it
I took off the ring
I don’t want to put a ring on it
I forgive you.

For the women who mock me
because I wear my face
with or without hiding my acnes, birthmarks, burns
because I wear what I want
without being ashamed, weak, or sorry
I forgive you.

For the women who condemn me
because I slap back, talk back, fight back
cook, clean, drive, ride, fly, protest
read, write, design, travel, study, love
I forgive you.


Dawn of the oppressed


Dawn of Doom’s day,
The Sun rose from the east,
The bombs came from everywhere.
Angels of death,
Prepared for this early rapture.
Agents of death
Unleashed mayhem of fire, blood, and smoke.
Masses on barefoot,
Masses march to the unknown.
Masses torn, thrown, buried, burnt
Thuds of breath gave a sign of life,
Behind you there’s a new graveyard,
Before you there will be the next graveyard.

The night of Doom’s day,
The Sun set in the west.
The serpents of light
fell everywhere.
The sky was ruptured.
The earth was unraveled.
Angle of death
Stood at the gate.
Prepared for an early rapture.
A night of a phantasmagorical sleep or death.
No one could tell.
A whirlpool of silence and shells.
Endless wait or a sudden end.
Above you flames.
Beneath you flood.

The Sun of Judgment day;
A Resurrection of justice.
Under the floors of earth,
Armed with their faith,
Rose the oppressed.
Masses shook off the rubble
And fended for themselves.

Masses carry their wounds.
Masses march the known.
Behind you there was a graveyard.
Before you there is freedom’s rebirth.



For Samir Issawi and all the Palestinian prisoners…

By Walls.



Skin striping the bones

to cover your nakedness

Water runs through throat

to save your hidden face, your shamelessness

Rub salt on this wound

to clean the stitches of weakness 

Tailored dignity made from this

tattered brown clad

Iron chains only pin these hands

show the metal of this man

Rid yourselves from these flimsy rods

redeem the anguish of a mother sobs

reclaim the freedom of a land robbed

rewrite your history

on the prison walls,

Defeat your enemy


See the light


I don’t know what to write to introduce my new poem. All I can say it that it’s an accumulation. 

Infinite darkness possesses the horizon,
As death falls like a hammer from the sky
to fix the nails in their coffins

Bones are pulverized, the powder
flies away by the wind carrying the mortal coils,
No flowers are growing between the shrouds of snow,
the blood is running fresh in the veins of the soil.
Time isn’t redeemed yet,
life isn’t redeemed yet,
No remedy for the unborn, the born, and dead, yet
It’s forgotten, wiped out, it’s sinking, 
shut your eyes, plug your ears,
the volume of death is getting too high
death has no shame showing his crimes.
the quagmire is winding,
no end is coming,
In the shade of barren hope, 
I ponder
how come they see the light?
Let me join you and see the light,
Let it burn my sight to only what fear blinds
 I want to see the light
to keep the fight,
to see life redeem lives,