The Map of Gaza stripIs a coastal strip of land along the Mediterranean(we have sea), bordering Egypt on the south-west and Israel on the north and east. It is about 41 kilometers (25 mi) long, and between 6 and 12 kilometers (4–7.5 mi) wide, with a total area of 360(huge,isn’t it?)square kilometers (139 sq mi). The territory takes its name from Gaza, its main city(where I live). It has about 1.4 million residents, all Palestinians.

The Strip itself and its population are nominally governed by the Palestinian National Authority, though following the June 2007 battle of Gaza, actual control has fallen to the hands of Hamas’ Gaza Strip Government. Israel controls the strip’s airspace and offshore maritime access.sum up All Gaza 😉


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  1. Thank you for showing me, It’s nice to know if the terror state would let you and everyone else live free. That would be some nice beachfront property. One day i will visit, One day i pray, The day that happens i would love to visit. My father said he would take me, i would like to see in person where i come from. Instead of pics.

  2. Ashiq
    India, Kerala.
    iam the student of IR studies. i would like to know more sbout Palestine isue. however i had got some valuable information from this blog, thans..

    • Ashiq: You want to learn about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? Read the Hamas Charter. Ask smart questions like Why do Palestinians maintain refugee camps in Gaza when they control Gaza? When were the states of Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia created, and by whom (Britain, 1930s) and why was most of the land reserved for the Jewish National Homeland in Palestine given to the Arabs? How did Jordan come to control the West Bank in 1948 and what was the Palestinian Liberation Organization trying to liberate when they were established in 1964 BEFORE there was any “occupation”. Who was the Mufti of Jerusalem and why did he visit Hitler in Berlin in 1941? Remember: There are 52 Muslim countries, 26 Arab countries, and only 1 Jewish country. Why should land be taken away from the one tiny Jewish country to form another Muslim Arab country when the world agrees that the land is part of the historic Jewish nation of Israel? Keep asking questions.

    • Ashiq: Someone removed my previous message to you. They don’t want you to learn the truth about Hamas. Read the Hamas Charter; Google it. After you learn that they want to murder all the Jews in the world, then ask why they keep Palestinians in refugee camps in Gaza. And why they fire rockets and missiles into Israel every day to kill Israeli children.

      • Joshua, If I believed in one God, I would be praying for Israeli and Palestinian children alike. Please, do not use young victims to try and hide what has been done and accepted by the international community as a rightful act when it instead is an ethnical cleansing.

  3. i wonder why you “forgot” to tell your readers the following FACTS!!:
    1- after the Israeli FULL pull out of Gaza in 2006,
    the Raf-ah border with Egypt was only monitored
    by European personnel. as every “normal” border
    is controlled all around the world.
    2- after Hamas took over, those border

    were forced to leave, the border was closed by
    you can blame Mubarak for that, being a US
    doll, but in fact even now after he’s out
    the border is still not open by Egypt.

    3 – Israel is STILL supplying electricity, water and humanitarian supplies into Gaza even though the Hamas is shelling it’s CIVILIAN cities daily!

    face the truth – you are not saints and “victims”. you have an equal share of the conflict!

    • absolutly correct. if you dont like it get out, if of course jordan would let u in, but the nation of your own religion and people wont even let you in..


    Why don’t you list the Israeli villages near the Gaza border and SHOW WHERE THE 10,000 QASSAM ROCKETS HAVE LANDED THAT HAVE BEEN FIRED FROM GAZA TO ATTACK ISRAEL?

  5. little miss gaza. has honor killings increased in Gaza?oh and tell me just name one palestinian leader before Abu Ammar? whoops …hehe.. little miss gaza you know these people who u elected are complete fascists

  6. Salam Aleikum my Palestinian Brothers and Sisters…….i am glad of the opportunity to write message of peace love and solidarity to you all. I am a dissident Jewish voice in Australia. I say to the criminal israeli govt that you do not occupy/steal in my name, you do not systematically brutalize and murder in my name.I have just joined this particular forum. Hope to write to you again soon. I have two children with world vision in Gaza.I think about them all the time.One day i will visit a free Palestine. I live half the year in Havana, Cuba…half the year in Sydney.Aust. I know that i am one voice….it’s a strong one though. I keep the Palestinian Peoples close in my heart, Yours in solidarity, L Izaks Macsween. NEVER AGAIN MEANS FOR ALL HUMAN KIND !!! Salama

  7. Izaks MacSween: You are a Jew? Read the Hamas Charter. It calls for Muslims to MURDER ALL JEWS, not just those in Israel, but in all the world. Do you support this? There could be a free state for the Palestinians when they accept a Jewish state of Israel and stop trying to kill all Jews, including YOU. Assuage your guilt by helping all people, not just by destroying your own people.

  8. Hello … my name is somaya …and I am from Palestine , GAZA..

    we love our country very very much …. And will not allow any of

    the Zionists to steal it from us…We will continue to defend it

    until the exit of the occupiers from it ….We will continue to

    encourage the resistance factions such as Fatah and Hamas

    And other even achieve victory…………………at the end … I

    want to say that I am proud that I am a Palestinian identity ….

    Good lucky …..

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