For you



A poem written is written many times,
First time to tell,
Second time to express,
    Third time to be felt,
      Last time to be read
by you.

A poem loved is loved many times,
First time for words,
  Second time for meaning,
    Third time for music,
      Last time because,
it’s for you.

A poem remembered is remembered many times,
First time for memories,
   Second time for the glory,
    Third time for the eternity,
      Last time for
it’s about you.


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  1. Dear Lina, LivefromGaza

    VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE is interested in “uniting” the voices of women and young girls worldwide and I found some of your recent poems exquisite and very sensitive and would like to invite you to publish and sell on VOWW’s website promoting the “voiceless” worldwide and giving them voices to tell their stories and finding solutions to problems …

    As the Founder of VOWW, let’s collaborate and partner as VOWW website is reaching out to over 100,000 women, young girls, boys and men who support gender equality and female empowerment across 100+ countries.

    Vinanti Sarkar, Founder/President
    New York via New Delhi

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