An interview with a mother-first question



She entered a café standing in the corner of a mall where she was expecting the interviewer. For a moment, she forgot her nervousness and she was marveling the details of that café. It felt that the place was thrown out from another era with its antique interior. She was seated on a chair that made her feel like an Elizabethan queen.  Yet, this ball-like atmosphere was interrupted when the interviewer came. She struggled to tuck her anxiety with laborious smile. The interviewer sat, ordered water, and began the interview.

“I’m not here to judge you” said the interviewer. She looked around avoiding any eye contact. She thought this was supposed to alleviate the anxiety, but it didn’t.
The interviewer repeated:” I am not here to judge you. I am here to talk to you about your life.”

She shyly murmured: “ok…let’s start!”

“Do you love your child?” the interviewer darted the first question.

She looked around as if the question wasn’t for her. It took her a second, a heartbeat, and a thought before she said. “Yea, yes, of course…!”.

The interviewer looked at her while she was very anxious. She was angered by the question. How dared the interviewer to ask her such a question. Doesn’t the interviewer know a mother’s love to her child wasn’t doubtable, questionable?!

The interviewer said: “I am not here to judge you.” 
Then she resorted herself and said: “yes, I do love my child, more than anything in the world”

The interviewer said: “but….” 
She daringly said :” but …”

She continued saying:” if I said yes instantly, It would have been the answer of my instinct. But I thought, I felt, and I did doubt my yes…only to make sure that I give you the answer of my true self”


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