See the light


I don’t know what to write to introduce my new poem. All I can say it that it’s an accumulation. 

Infinite darkness possesses the horizon,
As death falls like a hammer from the sky
to fix the nails in their coffins

Bones are pulverized, the powder
flies away by the wind carrying the mortal coils,
No flowers are growing between the shrouds of snow,
the blood is running fresh in the veins of the soil.
Time isn’t redeemed yet,
life isn’t redeemed yet,
No remedy for the unborn, the born, and dead, yet
It’s forgotten, wiped out, it’s sinking, 
shut your eyes, plug your ears,
the volume of death is getting too high
death has no shame showing his crimes.
the quagmire is winding,
no end is coming,
In the shade of barren hope, 
I ponder
how come they see the light?
Let me join you and see the light,
Let it burn my sight to only what fear blinds
 I want to see the light
to keep the fight,
to see life redeem lives,


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