Dying to live


Khader Adnan is a Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for 62 days facing imminent death as Israel is detaining him without charges under what is called “Administrative” detention, which can be renewed indefinitely. Khader is father of two young girls, and the family is expecting their third child.

This man is dying to live a dignified life. He refused to bow for the Israeli occupation and its constant humiliation. It’s shameful that all these solidarity campaigns on the ground in Palestine and online on Facebook and Twitter are still not being heeded. But we should not give up.

The simplest action you can take is to write his family a letter, here

It’s sad that at any given minute we may hear that he passed away leaving orphaned children, widow, and a bereaved family. Learn more on Khader Adnan


Taken by Abir Kopty


On a separate note, “Jaffa – The Orange’s Clockwork” is a documentary aired on Al-Jazeera English. I thought I should share it, because the historical analysis of the “orange industry” shown in this piece is important to reflect and understand the realities of the conflict.

I won’t prolong the introduction, all I can tell you is that through this excellent film, you’ll learn that:
1-Palestine and Palestinians are not invited.
2-There was a time when PALESTINE was a home of coexistence between Muslims, Christians, and Jews.
3-Once Zionists came into the Palestine to implement their colonial project, which ended up in occupying Palestine and the expulsion of Palestinians, this coexistence died.
4-Zionists propaganda and fact spinning are integral part of the Zionist project. This propaganda is mainly based on racist stereotypes.
Enough said, watch the documentary and see it for yourself: 

Jaffa – The Orange’s Clockwork


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