Being called “invented” inspired me to write this 

A story of life
before time was named
before the pen knew its way
to speak pain
a story of an encrypted map
farmed, sailed, grown
by the hands
of the “invented” people
of the stolen land

A story of a lie
after time was born
invented by
treading the ashes
of the burnt
of hope
of homes

a story of life
defying a lie
then invaded,
then killed,
then named,
then renamed,

the lie is drying
the truth is rising
the pen is writing
the story of the exited life
the story of the invented lie.


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  1. Hi Lina,
    enjoyed reading your blog and poetry. I am living in ireland – much older than you – I am hoping to come to visit Gaza in March with a group of people from the West of Ireland. That if if we can get permits or whatever to enter at Rafah. I would love to meet some young people when there.

    Are you still living there since getting married?


      • Hopefully there will be a new traveling ebhixit of children’s art from Gaza in the spring . There are others out there currently but I’m not sure where.If you want to view the drawings of what they witnesses during Israel’s bombardment and invasion, google: Palestine seeing for myself and go to Qarran Center: children paint to heal wounds. It shows a small sampling of drawings from their art therapy program.Witnessing war is traumatic .especially for children. They carry the trauma, in varying degrees, throughout their lives.

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