About unity, and Fiasco


“A unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah is reached”, this piece of news caught almost everyone off guard. After four years of bitter political division between the two factions, they came to an agreement to form a national interim government and prepare for an election.  The out of the blue deal is a step that is hoped that will end the political dichotomy and end the siege on Gaza. 

Officials confirm that this initial deal comes as result of secretive talks. Moreover, with the new Egyptian mediation, Hamas and Fatah say that “all their differences” are solved.  As much as this step is considered a breakthrough by many, Palestinians’ reactions range from skepticism to cautious optimism.

In a press briefing organized by the Institute for Middle East Understanding , this topic was discussed with Ali Abuminah, Fadi Quran, and I. The news is still fresh, the coming days will be revealing how serious and solid this newly signed agreement is. 
You can listen to the discussion here.

 In some other topic still related to Palestine, American hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco released the music video of “Words I Never Said”. The track is no typical mainstream hip-hop song. Fiasco exposes mainstream politics, media, and stereotypes. One of the reasons why I loved the song is that he criticizes the American policy towards Israel and its silence regarding the situation in Gaza. With its call to reconsider politics, and media, “Words I never said” is a remarkable song since the mainstream music industry became a tool of mass ignorance.

You can watch the video below .


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  1. Man this video really hits home to me. My boyfriend is a Palestinian Jordanian. His grandfather was among the first people to be displaced from Palestine. It hurts my heart to hear his family history, as well as see what goes on in Gaza. I have to believe there are more American sympathizers out there like me, but it is so hard to get anybody to vocalize it here. America is supposedly a ‘free country’, yet a lot of us do live in fear of actually speaking our minds when it’s controversial. We aren’t as free as ‘we’ Americans think. Most either are just numb to what’s goin on in the world, or scared to say anything because the government might consider us ‘terrorists’. I am always trying to keep my facebook friends informed; I think they think I’m nuts, but I don’t care because I am being true to what is right and wrong with this world. Thank you for the video. Kat

    • Are you kidding me? Go move to another “free” country and let me know how that goes for you. And the reason why there are not more people such as yourself vocalizing your opinion is that the vast majority of Americans simply do not share your opinion.

      Gaza is now a reflection of democracy at work. Palestinians wanted to be represented in their government by a terror organization hell bent on the destruction of their neighbor. No good will ever come from that- trust me. The people of Gaza have the power to change their future by rejecting the likes of Hamas. Until that happens- or Hamas changes it’s charter and accepts the existence of an Israeli state- Gaza will continue to wallow in the despair it has created for itself.

      • israel is THE illness of the middle east. Claiming the right to defend itself while it takes all by force.

        The US are destroying the world and israel is defending itself with white phosphorus bombs on civilians.

        In which world are you living?
        Certainly not mine.

    • good luck with your boyfriend…hope he treats you as well if you should marry the guy…as far as a free country…israel and america are ten times better then any arab country…try to be pro israel in any moslem country….dead is what you would be

    • Hi Kat! I think it’s great that you care so deeply about the Palestinian cause and human rights that Palestinians are being denied. I hope that you will be willing to join a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) group in your area or if you’re in college a Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group on your campus in order to better spread awareness about what is happening in Palestine and make a real difference in Palestine. Go to this website to find groups near you: http://www.endtheoccupation.org/groups.php

      Best of luck to you!!

  2. I have read your blogs and find it truly amazing that you consistently reference the “brutality” of the Israeli government and never acknowledge that your local governing body, Hamas, is a ruthless terrorist regime. It seems odd that you totaly skip over the fact that if your government stoped launching missles into Israel and accepted the existence of Israel, most of the horrific conditions now in Gaza could/would be avoided. Your problem is Hamas, not Israel.
    Israel gave the Gaza Strip back to the Palestinians for them to govern. It was the Palestinian people who elected Hamas to govern. People sometimes must lay in the bed that they have created for themselves.

    I am not suggesting that Israel is guiltless. I am not sugggesting that Israel is not at fault in any way- simply not in Gaza. Israel must stop expanding into the West bank and should redraw its map to basicly reflect the agreed to border by the Quartet and generally 1967. However, Israel has every right to defend and protect itself from the terrorist regime Hamas in Gaza- the group democraticly elected by the Palestinian people of Gaza.

    What do you think would be the outcome if Mexico were launching missles over the border into Texas, claiming that the land was stolen. let me help you with that . . .. By By Mexico. The very fact that Gaza still stands and has not been turned into the newest golf resort of the Middle East is a testament to the Israeli restraint so far displayed. Yes, Gaza’s people have been suffering. But its your own damn fault. As bad as its been, Israel at any time to date could have simply wiped Gaza off the map-literally. They never had to invade or loose one Israeli. Simply all they had to do was return the favor and launch indescriminate missles into Gaza- or reduce Gaza to rubble through the air . . . .But they do not.

    Wise up people of Gaza. You have the power in your own hands to end your horrific suffering. I pray you summon the courage to cast out the group that is supremely responsible for your suffering- Hamas!

  3. On May 2, Hamas’ Prime Minister Haniyeh revealed his group’s true position on Al Qaeda and bin laden when he officially condemned the killing of bin laden as “the continuation of US oppression and shedding of Muslim and Arab blood. Hamas condemns the assassination of a muslim and arabic holy warrior and prays that bin laden’s soul rests in peace.”
    This is a partner for peace? If Hamas and Fatah join, I fear Hamas will bring their radical views with them and create a much worse environment for all of the Palestinians. They have destroyed Gaza. They will destroy what is left of the peace process and bring the hell of Gaza to all of the Palestinian lands. Hamas is a cancer that needs to be stamped out, not embraced. Hamas has welcomed elements of Al Qaeda into the Gaza strip already and aligns itself with the radical mullahs of Iran.
    If what we truly want is peace in the region, Israel must do its part. It must control its own radical element of religious zealots and it must stop building and expanding until all country lines have been negotiated fairly. Having said that, the Palestinians must also play their part and that starts with not embracing the group that aligns itself with the ideas of bin laden and calls for the destruction of Israel. Peace will never come under those circumstances. Only bloodshed- allot more bloodshed.

    • mr. paul, y dont america gives any proof against osama bin laden in the involvement of 9/11 attacks. hamas prime minister is right. if hamas and fatah join then u will fear not for radical views of hamas getting into fatah but u will fear for the joining of two muslims group which will definitely increase the powers of palestinians people, which u nd ur country doesnt want. israel has always been a terrorist state and it will remain so. there are countless examples of ur governments oppression on arab people. we will take back our land one day….beware of the hunger of arabians..beaware of that day when the oppressed will take control

      • Abdul, thank you for your reply. First off, let me say that the US government is not currently nor has it ever been anti- arab or anti palestinian. The US has been working for peace between Israel and Palestine for decades. It has been the parties themselves that have stoped the process. Israeli’s and Palestinians bear equal blame for what has gone on. Israel continues to build in what should be future Palestinian land and Palestinians continue to attack Israeli civilians- most recently a missle attack against a school bus. The problem Palestinians have is the leadership out of Gaza. Hamas will never accept Israel as a neighbor or accept a two-state solution. Hamas fires rockets indescriminantly into civilian areas and then hides behind their own women and children when Israel responds. Gaza was left to the Palestinians to govern and the Palestinians could have done amazing things. Instead they elected a terror group hell bent on the destruction of Israel . . . big mistake. We see how Gaza has turned out. It could have been so much better. No Hamas would have meant no blockade, no wars, no horrific living conditions for the Palestinians of Gaza.

        As Far as a unity government, we shall see. Hamas is run out of Syria and Iran these days, so lets see how nited they are when the Fatah part wants to live in Peace and the Hamas militants start bringing their war to the West Bank- an area that has seen relative calm and prosperity over the past few years. Israel will never accept a Palestinian government that calls for Israel’s total destruction and teaches its children the horrific and vile lies that are taught about Jews in Palestinian schools. Peace has to come with sacrifice from both sides. Hamas will not make that sacrifice. Count on it.

        Let’s be clear about one thing: Bin Laden is currently roasting in hell and he got off easy. The US should have captured him, taken him to the tallest building, thrown jet fuel on him, lit him on fire and then thrown him off the side. That would have been the closest thing to justice. The Hamas Prime Minister does no good for your cause siding with an animal like Bin Laden- but then again Hamas follws the same ideas as Bin Laden so it should come as no surprise.

        As far as taking back your land one day, I suggest you look up the American Indian and see how well he did with that plan. Pray for peace and properity and friendship between Israelis and Palestinians. Together your two people can do allot. If you continue your fight like Hamas, you might wind up like the american Indian . . . nothing but a few reservations and casinos. By the way, I always wondered why there was never any anger with fellow arabs who would never take Palestinian refugees into their country and forced them to live in camps like savages.

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  5. United what for? For Israel disctruction.
    The differance between PLO and Hamas is only in tactictics.

    1:PLO * The struggle will not stop until the Zionist entity is eliminated and Palestine is liberated. (From the PLO platform, as reaffirmed in the Fatah Congress in August 2009)
    2: Hamas charter *”Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it *”There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad.
    “*”The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say
    O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him

    Under the umbrella of the democratizations process Islamist parties are gaining ground. In Egypt the Muslaim brotherhood. The Arabs noted that the free world lead by Obama is ready to accept radical Islamism. Thy are regrouping by extremist policy and close relations with Islamist Iran. The future is cloudy with potential increase of terror and countries controled by anti democratic and human rights values goverments

  6. Dear Blogger,

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  7. one day palestinian will go to sea and historic Israel+Jeuda will be held by great anciant nation as it was promised during anciant times.

  8. Even though most of the comments above are by brainwashed Zionists in the U.S. who don’t understand the importance of human rights and international law, I’d like to tell you that your blog is great and it’s nice to hear the opinions of those living in Gaza on the matters taking place around them. Keep up the good work and don’t let these people bring you down, they’re mostly retired old bigots who have too much time on their hands. Most people of our generation are more open to the truth and are willing to listen to both sides and aren’t as jaded by the past. Good luck o you and please continue to post!

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