Rest in Peace Vittorio


Gaza slept anxiously following the news of the abduction of the Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, shockingly woke up to find that he was executed by an extremist group of Salafis called “Jaljalt”.

Vittorio Arrigoni was a very recognizable face in Gaza. I didn’t personally know him, but I came to know about his bravery from the documentary “To shoot an elephant”. Vittorio was one of the activists who stayed during operation “Cast Lead”. He was one of the voices which told the world about the brutality of the Israeli invasion.

Sadness and anger prevail over the murder of the Italian activist. Those who claimed responsibility for the abduction and murder of Vittorio call themselves Palestinians and Muslims. But Islam washes its hands from such brutal act. Moreover, International activists who visit Gaza have always felt the warmth of the Palestinian hospitality. This will never change, the only threat the Palestinians and these activists share is the threat of the Israeli occupation.

Just like the murder of Juliano Mer-Khamis, we do not know about the trajectories of the incident. Though, Hamas has vowed to bring the doers to justice, this is too ugly to be planned by a small group of Salifies. It is crystal clear that Israel is the only one benefiting from the murder of voices of peace like Juliano and Vittorio. The Zionist state has been franticly and cowardly propagating and lobbying against the upcoming Freedom Flotilla. Creating an image of Gaza as an internally dangerous place and save haven for extremists would abate the support of the international solidarity movements, as Israel will be promoting.

Palestinians today are not mourning the loss of a friend to the Palestinians, but the loss of a Palestinian. My Deepest condolences go to Vittorio’s friends in Gaza, and all over the world. And his bravery will be
Vittorio- Operation Cast Lead- 2009

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  1. Vittorio, Vittorio, Vittorio, thou shalt be remembered. Thy light will never be forgotten or fade.

    Vittorio, my words and mind betray me, I find no conciliation, and I find no explanation.

    During his life, he taught us, and taught the world the meaning of solidarity and humanity. And his loss opened our eyes, there is still much to be done, that we shall not let the hands of oppression shut our voices or marginalize our souls.

    R.I.P. Vittorio ..

  2. sure, why not blaming Israel for this as well.
    i mean, he was kidnapped in Gaza, where since 2006 there’s NO Israeli soldiers / settlers, he was murdered in Gaza, and yet you dare to blame Israel for something your people did??!
    shame on you!
    if you EVER want to become an INDEPENDENT country, you must start to learn the meaning of RESPONSIBILITY! and you need to openly take responsibility over your people actions.

    i was always hoping that intellectual and educated people from Gaza will be moderate, to prove that Israelis has something to hope for. to hope for a peace with you people.
    now, reading your lies, i think there’s not much of an hope…

  3. R T
    in the article i don’t see any plain or direct accusation of Israel for what happened that day, but for what is real, it is totally true that only Israel benefits from the murder. not only because of the coming flotilla but also because he was a real pain in the a$$ for IDF through his activism.

    as a Palestinian and Gazan, and before that as an atheist; i do understand that religious dogma would always produce violence, it is the same violence practiced by the Israeli settlers in the worst brutal ways against Palestinians in the west bank .. so the doers don’t present the Palestinian population with all its diversities ..

    one last point: Israel don’t need to do it personally, Israel has it’s hidden hands!.. and that Jaljalat group is Very Very suspicious since it was founded …

    • Mahitto – when the writer put this sentence “It is crystal clear that Israel is the only one benefiting from the murder” right after saying “we don’t know who killed him”, it is very obvious that she is blaming Israel.
      don’t be so Naive!

      and by the way, Hamas just published the pictures of the suspects – sorry, but they are far from being Israeli agents… more likely Fanatic Islamists.

      i was never to blame the whole Palestinian population of course – i had many Palestinian friends and i don’t think they want war more than Israelis do.

      but when your people go and kill a family of 5 (with a 3 months old BABY) with a knife, in purpose, and after a Palestinian sniper shot the baby Pas in Hebron, well, i start to have my doubts about your sense of Human moral…

      Yes, the Israeli bombs indeed killed also innocent babies and families as well, but it was never in clear and cold INTENTION.
      unfortunately, your brave Hamas leaders and activists are hiding among you and often even dressed like women, so innocent Gaza civilians are also to get hit.

      but there was NEVER a situation when an Israeli soldier went into a Palestinian house, and butchered with a KNIFE a 3 month old baby’s throat.

      • first: relax, no need to take the discussion into a personal level. naive or not naive, Friedrich Nietzsche replies better : words are pockets, and we only pick the meaning we want for each one.

        I saw the photos, and about israeli agents, how do you know they look far from being israeli agents? you don’t really know Gaza, you can’t judge. Many mosque Imams long bearded and 24 hours repeating quran ended up being agents!

        you say you arent blaming the whole palestinian population, but you come later to say “your people kiled 5 family members” … it was an act of two idiot teenagers.
        sh!t happens, the last few years, we lost so many kids, some shot by Israeli snipers, and please don’t tell me, the snipers didn’t recognize they were just kids!

        such behaves aren’t acceptable, neither from the Palestinian side, nor the Israeli side.

        what I do really hope for, is a just solution, to give our and your children the chance to sing with Emily Dickinson “hope is that thing with feather, that perches on the soul”

        the problem is extremism, and it exists in both sides … Palestinians aren’t to be blamed for being traumatized for tens of years …

        i hope you’d have time to read this
        it is something i wrote!

  4. I just on the CNN that Ahmadinajade blame the west for all the rest in the arab countries. Similarly here, Israel is blamed for the killing of Vitorrio. I think it is about time Arab people stop using Israel as a scapecoat for everythig bad happening in there country. Balming others for your problems is an infantile mechanism of defence. Arabs will never mount to anything until they learn to be responsible for their actions. If you tep on a snake he is most likely to bite you. If sent missiles against inocent citizens in Israel, don’t be surprized if Israel retaliate.

    For Alla’s sake – when will you start take resposibility for your actions?

  5. Goanri,
    it is not denied that some “Palestinian” hands are involved in the incident! but it still an act of terrorism that doesn’t represent the Palestinian society. it is just the natural result of extremist religious teaching … like the video you posted … the same education Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols got during their lives, and ended with a massacre in Oklahoma … Timothy and Terry doesn’t represent the whole american society of course, but ones like them do exist, and right-wing extremists do exists in America, Gaza, and on Mars.

    the Idea i wish you open your mind and eyes to understand, is that we discuss which side is to take advantage of the murder? what are the implications of the incident …


    • The Hamas Charter calls for the murder of Jews worldwide and the total destruction of Israel.

      The Palestinian Authority glorifies terrorism and murder by naming stadiums and town squares after suicide bombers and those who blow up children and babies.

      These murders are not aberrations of Islam and Palestinian society. These murders are promoted by your Palestinian leaders based on Islamic interpretations that rejects any form of Jewish sovereignty and condones murdering innocent people to prevent Jewish sovereignty even on land that your own leaders have acknowledged for 120 years to be historically Jewish from ancient times.

    • I beg to differ, Mahitto.
      Actually, Timothy McVeigh was not raised as a devout Christian, he became an agnostic, and then what inspired him to bomb in Oklahoma city was in part the literature of a well known Jew-hating crank by the name of Pierce. He returned to Christianity only during his incarceration. Similarly, there is no evidence that Terry Nichols was motivated by fanatical Christianity. What you have done is created a false equivalence between the explicitly religious fanaticism of the Salafists (or Hamas, for that matter) and the political terrorism of McVeigh and Nichols. They are both great evils, but they are not both religiously motivated.

      I correct myself: both Islamist violence and McVeigh were in part motivated by hatred of Jews. So they have that in common.

  6. hey mahito
    sorry if i offended you. this was not my intention. i am just sick and tired watching the Palestinian rhetoric of being victims even when they performed the crimes…

    i read your post on the link you’ve sent me.
    i have to say that although i finally hear a Palestinian openly talk about the way Hamas took into power, i also found some things which are not accurate (by purpose or ignorance i don’t know):

    1- Israel has no reason to bomb your schools
    unless you fire rockets or hide within those schools after rockets have been fired. the web is
    full with videos from the last war showing the bunkers and weapon tunnels beneath schools and houses.
    don’t get me wrong – we did the same thing to the British around 1940-1948, but when civilians got hit as a result, we didn’t went out crying to the world…
    this is exactly what i mean about taking responsibility as an independent future country.

    2- the same responsibility should be to your infrastructure. why on earth, after the Gaza evacuation in 2006, didn’t you start to build your country economically, financially etc?
    when Israel was founded, it got NO help from the UNRWA, the UN, the donating countries (you get 7 Billions annually), but still it succeeded in building itself up.
    and what did the Hamas do?? invest in bunkers, in secret police? in firing rockets into civilian cities in-discriminatly??
    you talk about your trauma years. i can fully understand you. i really do.
    but you can also imagine this is the same exact feelings ANY kid in Sderot / Ashkelon / Ashdod feels. a circle of 800.000 people living under rockets attacks daily.
    and what Israel do? it invest in PROTECTIVE defense system to protect it’s citizens.
    it fires a 40.000$ missile to hit a Gaza rocket cost 500$… This is RESPONSIBILITY of a country to its citizens!

    how do you want us to respond when the Majority of Gazans, in a “democratic” achievement as you say, choose the one movement (Hamas) who declares in it’s charter the destruction of Israel???

    If you show me ONE (just ONE) party in Israel’s democracy, writing in it’s charter about the termination of Palestinians – i will forever be in your debt.

    there was only one (Kach party in the 1970’s) who called for a Palestinian transfer into Jordan. this party was banned (!!) from the elections by the supreme court and was made Illegal.
    but in Gaza – it’s the RULING PARTY calling for our destruction.

    now, you tell me what hope for peace do we have here???

    • i apologize for replying late, i was busy with my MBA

      1- i do agree that in many cases some rockets were fired from a school or around, but Israel could have used a less destructive bomb, you don’t need to destroy the whole building because of a group of 3 guys, and to murder several innocents passers by.

      2.don’t forget Gaza is still under-siege, this means that basic materials for building and improving infrastructure weren’t allowed in. of course there is a big part of blame that should go to the lack of planning, corruption, and bureaucracy

      3. comparing a Palestinian rocket to F16 bombs is irrelevant, and please not that 99% of the Palestinian rockets fall inside Gaza Strip or in the desert away from your cities. Note: this is no a justification in any way.

      4. when i said “democratic achievement” it was meant in an ironic manner. there is no democracy when the citizens are blocked in a ghetto, and have only to choose between two parties who play the cards of poverty and hopelessness

      5. who strengthened Hamas wasnt the Palestinian population, it was Israel. I want you to remember 7 years ago Hamas didn’t have this power. but it was the blockade, and pushing the whole population to desperation, and a complete feeling of futility would only push people to religious extremism, and to the party that plays this card well “Hamas”

      is there any hope for peace, well I want to believe, though the scene isn’t promising.

      • 1. are you serious? really? it is war. stop blaming israel and asking them to walk on egg shells when defending herself. you don’t want schools bombed, then go to hamas and wag your finger at them, if you are so bold.

        2. WHY is gaza under siege? because of palestinian extremists. end of discussion. revoke the charter and recognize israel, and the siege will end.

        3. seriously? you think it matters where the majority of rockets land!?!? it is the INTENT of their aim that matters.

        4. i know of no “ghetto” where there are grocery stores, hospitals, self-governing denizens, schools, etc. your attempt at comparing gaza to a polish ghetto is reprehensible. and please do not come back with something as sophomoric as, “who said anything about comparing to a jewish ghetto?” the only time that any intelligent person today uses the term ghetto is in relation to holocaust. just as anti-semite means today jew-hater, not literally the hating of anyone of semitic decent.

        5. it was NOT israel who fortified hamas. it was arafat, and you know it! his self-serving, greedy, terrorist rule is the very reason for most of the palestinians’ plight, and this you know, too.

  7. You write about Israeli air strikes but you never mention the daily rockets and missiles fired from Gaza by Palestinians to kill Israeli children.

    Why don’t we list every day the number of rockets fired from Gaza at Israel?

    Hamas treats you well? Then why do they murder Palestinians accused of collaborating with Zionists? And why do they suppress protests? Why do they store weapons and explosives in schools, mosques and hospitals?

    • if you aren’t following news, then you can’t blame Palestinians for something they don’t do …

      what you may know or not, that Hamas works hard to protect the Israeli borders. before March 15th i don’t remember about any rockets starting from the last war. Hamas doesn’t want to get into another clash of that kind.

      what happened in March 15th and after wasn’t anyway part of Hamas hatred towards israel, but rather an action of political purpose against its internal rivals mainly the PA. this is explained by the quick Hamas beg for a cease fire. and it was all again calm like nothing happened

  8. Well Why don’t you also tell the world how Palestinians murdered the Israeli-Palestinian actor and peace activist, juliano mer a couple weeks earlier in jenin?? Why is he not counted as a pal? I’ll tell you why:
    A. He was murdered by Palestinian bullies which makes it hard for you to keep your hands clean
    B. He was active in the west bank, which you folks from gazs has nothing to do with
    C. He was half Israeli and israelies are not to be morned on, not even when Hamas fired anti tank missle on a school bus and murdered a16 year old child

    you are all the same, helpless pple is what you are … keep on bloging

  9. What does freedom flotilla has to do with this murder? it seems that any crime is always related to “Zionist entity”. Meanwhile, ordinary people, waste their lives in misery thinking that all their problems are from Jews. And meanwile most of Muslim leaders enjoy a carefree life. I say stop smoking the water pipe for 6 hours a day and do something nice for humanity, instead of blaming Jews for all your problems.

  10. i would like to commend this bloger for honestly posting all views and not censoring pro israel comments……way to go

  11. On May 2, Hamas’ Prime Minister Haniyeh revealed his group’s true position on Al Qaeda and bin laden when he officially condemned the killing of bin laden as “the continuation of US oppression and shedding of Muslim and Arab blood. Hamas condemns the assassination of a muslim and arabic holy warrior and prays that bin laden’s soul rests in peace.”
    This is a partner for peace? If Hamas and Fatah join, I fear Hamas will bring their radical views with them and create a much worse environment for all of the Palestinians. They have destroyed Gaza. They will destroy what is left of the peace process and bring the hell of Gaza to all of the Palestinian lands. Hamas is a cancer that needs to be stamped out, not embraced. Hamas has welcomed elements of Al Qaeda into the Gaza strip already and aligns itself with the radical mullahs of Iran.
    If what we truly want is peace in the region, Israel must do its part. It must control its own radical element of religious zealots and it must stop building and expanding until all country lines have been negotiated fairly. Having said that, the Palestinians must also play their part and that starts with not embracing the group that aligns itself with the ideas of bin laden and calls for the destruction of Israel. Peace will never come under those circumstances. Only bloodshed- allot more bloodshed.

  12. Let me guess you idiots blame Israel as usual for this?? Palestinian, like Muslims, have NO BALLS AT ALL… you cannot even self-criticize so of course you blame the world for your own problems…and convince others that its our problem… wake up and do something productive with your lives…

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