Can not be


I still can not fully comprehend to reflect on the protests of March 15th. I feel there are many things to be said, but nothing is able to transformed into a full account. For some odd reason I could write something that is close to what I am feeling.

beauty is smashed when it blooms

the dust blinds when eyes start seeing the truth

Roots uprooted when they give

birth to shades

and story turns from farce to charade

Imaginative safety is feared to be lost

when there’s nothing to lose

It is a lost cause

insignificant pulse of irrational thoughts

not a flower facing the gust

but a frail human, with past, present

and inevitable uncertainties ahead

Nothingness isn’t void

it’s a voice couldn’t echo

A face couldn’t be seen in the mirror

Air of shackles

inhales, exhales.

Chocking the lung with despair

I live

where I see, hear, and feel

but I can not  be

I just

Can not  be


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  1. I wonder why is it that anytime there is a problem in an Arab country there is Israel to blame?! Puting all responsibility on other and never accepting own responsibility is a very immature defence mechanism.

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