Speaking to the IMEU


I had the honor to be hosted along with other two activists in the West Bank for a press briefing held by the Institute for Middle East Understanding.

Youth have been at the forefront of the revolutions and protests sweeping across the region and their use of new media and old fashioned organizing tactics to topple regimes long thought to be invincible has been extensively documented.

In the occupied Palestinian territories a youth-led march is being planned for March 15 in Gaza and the West Bank. The initiative is being spearheaded by a new generation of tech-savvy activists that are borrowing tactics and inventing their own in order to breathe new life into what they hope will be a movement capable of uniting and reforming their own leadership, and ending the decades-long Israeli occupation.

You can listen to the press briefing by clicking on the following link.



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  1. Hi from Spain!
    I’ve been reading and watching in Al Jazeera news that five people have died in the West Bank. Suddenly I remembered that you were hosted in this building. Are you OK? Perhaps it’s not the same place. I hope so!

  2. I’m looking forward to read something about the events, either you attended the march or not (if you went I hope that nothing happened to you).
    I’m only getting information with you and the other bloggers, girls, I haven’t read about it in any spanish big newspaper. I’m very ashame about that, about the information we receive…
    Greets from Spain

  3. dear Lina …
    I hope you are doing fine … my wandering thoughts we expecting to see a post about March 15th … it actually surprises me that you didn’t write about it )) I wish you all the best

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