“Free to write”


The revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya against the tyrants have been overwhelming. As these uprisings are filling many across the Middle East with inspiration, I wrote this poem.

Universal verse

Written with ink of blood
And chants of loving life

Ornamented with thrones of freedom
Roses spread on shrouds and cradles.

Rhymed by bullets defied with screams :
“It’s peaceful, peaceful, peaceful…”

Figures of hope, of love, of salvation
fill the beat with the rise of new generation

Chains breaking, the iron relenting
crack the tone with beautiful redemption

The tirades on screens
of tyrants who lost the feet
and chose to be
the omitted part of
a historic poetry

In universal verse,
I, you, we, is one
our differences are metaphors united by love

Millions of lines
made poems of and for
death and life…
anger, despair
Night and day…
But today,
sparked inspiration
inflamed passions
and broke fragile façade of fear
and I am no longer written
I am No longer afraid to live
I am no longer afraid to die
I am free  to write….


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  2. In universal verse,
    I, you, we, is one
    ours differences are metaphors united by love

    i liked this poem specialy those lines ya linz

  3. this is a seriously deep reflection of revolution/life/inspiration and writing. I an not surprised that such profound expressions of thought come from an intellectually wicked person like Lina.

    check these
    ours differences? >OUR
    last line to life? or to live?

  4. Hello from Spain!
    I read about you in a Spanish newspaper called “El Pais”. I would like to give you all my support in your fight for freedom of speech and women and palestinian’s rights.

    I link your blog to mine!


  5. Hello from Mexico!
    I read about you in “El Pais” a spanish newspaper, youre a great person for to fight for freedom of speech and women and palestinian`rights, thanks for to write and give us a part of your heart in your words.

  6. Hi lina,
    Mi name is Carlos Herranz, i am a journalist from the spanish public radio. I would like to interview yourself (by phone if it s possible for my radio programme in Spain). It will take you only 5/10 minutes by phone. It s possible? Thanks very much! Give my a phone number contact and i will call you today if it s possible for making the interview about your work in your blog. Thnaks a lot!


  7. Hi from Spain!
    Congratulations for your blog and I hope to hear your voice on the Spanish radio. I’m sure it will be very interesting.
    Go ahead!!!

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