Egypt: We are with you


Glued to my laptop, unable to unfix my eyes to anything but Twitter and Facebook, every bundle of tweets matters, the revolution in Egypt IS the history in the making nowadays.

Being dehumanized and terrorized on daily basis is something both Egyptians and Palestinians can relate to. Palestinians in Gaza, in particular, have been directly abused by the despotic regime of Mubarak. Overwhelmingly, support and prayers for the peaceful protests in Egypt are felt by the Palestinians, who see their freedom as an extension to the freedom of the Egyptians.

Words of support, and sharing the videos and photos of the bravery of young Egyptians against the brutal forces is all what we, the young Palestinians, can do to help the Egyptians. This reminds me in the time of the Gaza war, when the Egyptians defied to take the streets in support for their fellow Palestinians.

Amid the fast events that are hopefully changing the political landscape of the Middle East comes the “Palestine Papers”, what Al-Jazeera calls as the biggest revelation about the stillborn peace process and the complicity of the Palestinian Authority. These revelations are like knowing that one is killed, then being given a detailed anatomy on how the killing occurred.

The implications, and the aftermath of this dump of the documents are not clear yet. But the only thing I am sure of is that the first and the only victim is the everyday Palestinian. Caught between a corrupt, defragmented, useless leadership, and the bitterness of the Israeli Occupation, whatever these Palestine Papers reveal, I cannot see how the plight of the Palestinians will be alleviated by these disgraceful details.

The Palestinians are feeling betrayed and desperate.   Unity between the two rivals Hamas and Fatah if it seemed farfetched, now it is almost impossible. These four days of intensive “expositions” hurt any trust left in in the PA, and Hamas alike.

Egyptians and Palestinians know very well how politicians across the region backed by the US millions of dollars care about t power more than the people. The Palestine Papers confirm that totalitarian regimes like the Mubarak and the PA will do anything to suppress any defiance the people show.

Both Palestinians and Egyptians want to live in freedom and dignity, too. The Egyptians waited 30 years to revolt; we live in times where the power is coming to back the people.
Tunisia has been a great inspiration for the people across the region whose generations almost never witnessed change, or democracy.

People across the Middle East are watching hope for change being revived by these valiant emerging revolutions. Tunisia did it, Egypt and Yemen will do it. And it’s up for the Palestinians to restore their dignity and their freedom.

Tunisia: We will not give up


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  2. Palestinians, and fellow internationals who support Palestinian freedom, will not give up either!
    Great blog!
    I envy you for being in Gaza!


  3. Hi
    I write from India. Here there is very little understanding of the situation in palestine. Every once in a while(month) there is a 15 sec clip about settlements, but thats it.
    If you are being so reppressed, and the reppressed lot has people like you, who are well read and capable, then why not stand up. I am sorry if i am being too simplistic, but i fail to understand why an intelligent person would choose to stay quite in such situations.
    I dont say take the gun. Start a group, then a political party. If people see you are better, they will support you, wont they?

  4. I read these blogs from within Gaza with amazement…If you would just stop trying to murder Israeli women and children and stop trying to kidnap soldiers and/or release your one soldier and then try peace it might work. You are living in a place that only wants death and destruction to your neighbors. When Israel left Gaza also known locally as Aza there where money making green houses and infrastructure…you took over stole everything, destroyed what was left and your leaders steal you blind….you want freedom Look In The Mirror and take a good look at the criminals in the Middle East…I dont hate you I just dont understand why such a little country like Israel that only wants the best from everyone around us warrants death threats and constant rocketing from people who want freedom…you want freedom ask Hamas for freedom thats the terror in your lives! RDY

    • DovYitzchak,

      Simplistic generalizations only exacerbate the situation. There won’t be peace until BOTH sides respect the others legitimate rights to the same land. You say Hamas kidnaps an Israeli soldier; Israel has kidnapped and is holding 10,000+ Palestinians. Why should Hamas be pressured to recognize Israel when Likud doesn’t receive the same pressure to recognize Palestine? During the conflict BOTH sides have committed criminal acts. Just today, up to 15 unarmed protesters were shot in cold blood — a violation of international law, simply for wanting to return to their land from which their ancestors were expelled during ethnic cleansing.

      For peace to be established, either Israel/Palestine will have to follow the South African model, a contiguous Palestine will have to be created in the pre-1967 borders that includes East Jerusalem with compensation to persons expelled by the Zionist movement, each side will need to recognize the human qualities of the other, and ALL prisoners from each side MUST be released so that they can come home to their families where they belong. Until then there is little hope for peace and security. Oppression is NOT the answer since at best, it will buy short-term security. The coming September 2011 resolution may be the only hope to establish real peace.

      Last re: Gaza, the government was democratically elected and the people deserve the right to free trade, open borders, and to create an economic infrastructure such as rebuilding the ports and closed airport without fear of such facilities being bombed through naked aggression.

      To the people of Gaza, stay strong. Through endurance you will break free from the oppressive bonds that currently shackle your land. Can’t wait until Egypt formally opens the Rafah crossing to begin the process. My prayers are with all of you and your families.

  5. Great blog. Keep up the great work and don’t lose hope. Perhaps change in Egypt will bring a balanced relationship in which Cairo will retain its peace treaty with Israel and end the unjust blockade of Gaza to alleviate the unnecessary suffering Gazan’s are subjected to.

    If Egypt is a true friend to Israel it will let them know that oppression and blockades are counterproductive. Palestinians never should have been punished for exercising democracy in free and fair elections. Quite frankly PM Haniyeh is more moderate than PM Netanyahu.

    With re: to DovYitzchak’s post — let’s end the human suffering for ALL families — Israeli and Palestinian. Let every prisoner go! Shalit’s family is not alone in its suffering. Tens of thousands of Palestinian families are also awaiting the return of their loved ones, some of whom have been held for far longer.

  6. Amazing you support the peaceful protesters of Egypt which we do too yet you also support the non-peaceful protesters of Gaza: ie: the guys who throw stones and rocks and molotov cocktails, this is not peaceful! and to top it all you support the deliberate killing of our innocent people by Hamas yet condemn us when one of your innocents die… hypocrites you are! wake up!

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