2011: no wishes, no resolutions


No wishes, no resolutions, for life takes more than words. A New Year is not a fresh start, but it is a continuation. 2010 was a continuation of 62 years of oppression and occupation.

2010 was a continuation of devaluing the lives of the Palestinians by leaving them languishing in open air prisons. In the West Bank, a gray wall of separation colored by pains of discrimination, dehumanization, and disconnection.  In Jerusalem, the city is being wiped off the map by changes in its identity, its name, and its people in the name of democracy that’s based on racism and hate. Not far away from the wall, and the raped city, there is another prison dubbed as “hostile entity”.  The sky of this entity is made of blue cement, its sea of a reflection of the blue cement above.  The people of Gaza are isolated as a graveyard; cement no humans, no humanity.

2010 was a continuation of distrust, greed, and selfishness. Two handless, blind, deaf bodies lost their senses and strayed in a defined , clear path. And the people and the cause were eroded in between this rusty hate.

So, 2011 is yet another year of continuation. For oppression and occupation do not retreat by wishes, and resolutions, but by hard work, knowledge, and faith.

So, let the year be a continuation of arming minds with knowledge and strengthening hearts with steadfastness.

For peace and freedom…


About Lina Alsharif

I'm a Palestinian from Gaza who's currently living in Qatar. I have poetical aspirations. I'm also doing my MA in Creative Writing/Poetry.

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  2. Salam Lina, I’m very interested in chatting with you about some social media projects in Gaza which I’ll be able to introduce to Aljazeera English.

    Drop me an email at haddadme[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks, your blog is really inspiring

    Mohammed Haddad

  3. An absolutely beautiful post! Six months into this year, I think your hope is coming true and I hope June 5th will be the culmination of these long months of hard work and dedication!
    I know our generation is different, it took 63 years for our people to cope with the loss of a homeland, and now me and you and the rest of the youth will free them from their sorrow, self-pity, and oppression. To Jerusalem!

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