In wars


The 27th of December marks the 2nd anniversary of the Israeli offensive on Gaza which left more than 1400 people killed and 5000 injured.

I wrote this piece…as I tried to put some of the experience into words…

In wars, you know…
You know what is it like
to feel
that the very next moment
you’d be
no more…
and your blood is a headline
a number added…to the many who died…

In wars, you feel
that a smile
is of  thousands of tears
A smile becomes a need
In wars, you realize
that safety is ,
when you hug your mom

In wars, dawn is a sign
a sign of survival,
a sign that you are still alive
5 pm, sundown,
the drums of death
begins to sound…
Strangers weep through waves
bombs drop…
then Children, women… bodies
then exploding silence…

In wars, you pray
not exactly sure what you pray for
to live…to survive
or to join the dead who saw the end of the war
or pray for hope against hope

But when You pray…
and you feel it’s echoing in heavens…
as you kneel before God,
You know that He’s the only one who’s listening…

In wars, you’re affirmed
that cowards, hypocrites,
Will always turn their backs on you
In wars, you’re affirmed, too
that when politicians fail
thousands of people would stand for you…

In wars, you wish
Wish from your very heart,
that you don’t live to witness
your family or friends die
You wish you die alone..
or you die all…
but live by your own

In wars, you learn
what hate, what blindness
what arrogance, what ignorance
can do…

In wars, you are
a human…
a human with a heart and mind…
a  human whose humanity is pending on decisions to be ratified
You are a human, struggling
to live in peace…to be recognized
You are a human, whose steadfastness
is tank proof,  armed with olives…
In wars, you are a human…
You are Palestine…


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  3. So eloquent! amazing, linz!
    Though i’m not that much interested in the “Palestine things”, I was impressed, moved, and deeply saddened!
    stay blessed,dear.

  4. This is very moving Lina, and all I can hope is that one day the Israeli occupation and terrible situation in Gaza and the West Bank will come to an end, but that day is never close enough.

    I would love to do a feature on you in my blog, link people to your articles and others from the occupied territories, in order to connect as many people as possible to the true nature of the occupation on the ground, with those living it. Let me know, and all the best from the UK.

    As’Salaam Alaikum 🙂

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