Music, lyrics and artworks


Salamz all,
I enjoy listening to good music with good lyrics. And for some unexplained reason I see some songs, the ones that I really like, as colors and sometimes with themes. When I have a real clear idea in my mind about what I am going to do, I get my best software Adobe Photoshop on. The outcome usually is never like what I have in mind. Sometimes it is completely the opposite, because I try different things, and different color. Untill, I look and feel..”mm I am done!”. I have done some artworks the past few months for songs that I really like. Dido’s “Hunter”, Lowkey’s “Something Wondferful”, Coldplay’s “Fix you” and Bonobo’s “Stay the same” -new.

You can check more artworks and photos on my deviantart page.


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