A podcast, a blog, a channel and one message


Salamz all,

In this post, I will be sharing some links including the first Tida podcast.

Last Saturday, a group of two girls and I participated in a podcast that aims to give an insight of  what young people in Gaza think, want and dream. The experience was pleasant although we faced some difficulties in getting the outcome to be the best of what we could give. But, it was a really good start for all for us who took part in this 8 minute podcast.
Listen to the
Tida Podcast. Sun, May 15th – On this show we interview three young female students from the Gaza Strip who attend different Universities and have different ambitions.

The other two links involve powerful, creative and  interesting approaches to advocate the Palestinian cause.
It is said that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. The team of bloggers in Beyond Our Borders site are employing their ideas, talents and experiences to advocate the Palestinian cause and draw attention to the ongoing plight of Palestinians in Gaza.
With true and expressive words reading the writings of these bloggers is both enlightening and enjoyable.  Visit the official site of BOB.

Finally,  The Never Before Campaign, although there is not much information about the wonderful artists behind this remarkable initiative, their videos on Youtube are very well-made and creative in their delivery to the information. The videos are of educational content, but with the graphics , the music and the words used in; they are also master pieces. Check The Never Before Campaign channel on Youtube.

Though each initiative of the above mentioned use different approaches to advocate the Palestinian cause, the purpose and the massage is one. Educate and spread the word! Free Palestine!


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