Born in Gaza


Salamz all,

A year ago I saw this agonizing report about a 2 year old boy who the siege, occupation and bureaucracy killed him.

What is different about the story of Firas Al-Mazloom is that his story was caught on camera. Hundreds if not thousands of patients suffer daily due the Israeli siege. And so far more than 300 people died as a result of lack proper treatment.

The right to receive a proper medical care is too much to ask in Gaza. Many operations can not be conducted in Gaza, so the patients would be transfered to Israel or one of neighboring Arab countries, mostly Egypt.
But even the process of being transfered from  Gaza to  outside can be extremely difficult and extremely slow, the thing which leaves the patient with not too many options but dying slowly and…painfully.

“Born in Gaza” is a follow up documentary for Firas’s parents, whom were blessed now by a new born healthy baby Firas.
The title of  the documentary is quite interesting in itself. It makes you wonder: “Is it my fault that I was born in Gaza?” or “why being Gazan equals to live in agony or despair?”. More importantly, the question that always lingers in my head..”how many of us have to die so the world acts?” It’s quite of a wrong question, because many have died, yet the world is not heeding that the siege is immoral, illegal and inhumane.

The documentary is an AlJazeera production-done by Casey Kuffman and Tamer Al-Mishal


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