Gaza and the ashes of Eyjafjallajokul


Salamz all,

The world has been reporting extensively about the volcanic ash cloud that has created an aerial jam in Europe leaving many passengers stranded unable to reach their destinations.

In Gaza, the “Eyjafjallajokul” effect has been taking place since a very long time except the worlds refuses to heed Gaza’s ash cloud that is brining the Strip of 1,5 million  to the verge of a complete state of desperation and destitution.

Gaza’s ash cloud is not of the kind that keeps passengers stranded in hotels. It is kind that kills, separates and humiliates. It is kind that makes people dig tunnels to get their basic needs.
The airlines sector in Europe is recoding major losses due to this phenomenon. Gaza has been recoding losses in almost every walk of life because of this endless ash of cloud.

Europe has reopened its airspaces and those who are stranded are seeing an end for their waiting. Gaza on the contrary is still under the mercy of this ash cloud that no volcano threw up. And unlike the waiting of the Europeans which might include some sort of vacation and sightseeing, the waiting in Gaza for this inflicted unjust and deliberate ash cloud to clear up means more and constant loss in the gross meaning of the word.

So, between the  Eyjafjallajokul’s ash cloud or Israel’s ongoing  “Eyjafjallajokul” siege…

Think…and put yourselves in our shoes…

For those who do not know to say the word ” Eyjafjallajokul”, you can watch the video below:  😀 😀


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  1. Ho letto l’articolo giornalistico scritto su Internazionale del 23 luglio 2010.Cerca di sopravvivere in ogni modo che è la cosa più importante, l’unico modo per conbattere è informare l’opinione pubblica mondiale di quello che sta succedendo a Gaza come stai facendo,un’inforemazione capillare, costante, martellante e continua, azioni come la flottiglia ong. si devono moltiplicare, azioni non violente moltiplicheranno le persone che appoggeranno la vostra che è anche la nostra causa, per una società più giusta.Il tuo obiettivo principale è sopravvivere e tenerci informati degli avvenimenti in modo da poter anplificare anche qui in Italia il tuo pensiero.ciao Fabio

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