In my lines…


Salamz all,

Today while washing the dishes, I was listening to some Spanish song called “Causa y efecto” by Jorge Drexler. I  like the song; it’s nice. Luckily, the Spanish tunes did its thing. And I found myself, after finishing washing the dishes, writing a very small poem.  Anyhow, here’s the outcome:

Papers and a pen

a in a room of falling paint

and the ideas are absent in my mind

my shadow is running by the sun

and nothing is making sense of

the flying by time

Nothing made me realize

it’s already night

but the distant moon in your sky

Nothing made me realize

that it’s love

but finding you in my lines

Strangers define me

they never saw me

in your eyes

they saw your beauty

but never read who you are

in my lines


You are…


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