“Innovation under the siege” Exhibition


Salamz all,

Gaza has been under a tight siege for almost 3 years now. As you might have heard or read already, this closure has been tremendously destroying the economy of this coastal territory.
Anyway, the other day I saw a large poster in the street promoting an exhibition called “Innovation under the siege-Recycling Industries and Handicraft Products Exhibition”.
My friend and I went to Gaza’s main cultural center “Rashad Al-Shawa” to take a look on this event.

When we got there, we were given leaflets that summarized the goal, the participants and more important the DONORS.
The event promotes the industries which depend on raw materials that due to the siege they no longer enter into the strip such as glass, metal and plastic.
Ironically, the 22 day offensive on Gaza early 2009 left enough debris to provide these industries and handicrafts with relatively efficient raw materials.

The idea behind this exhibition as explained in the leaflet:

“However, as part of the Palestinian resolve and will to live decently and as normal as possible despite all the difficulties imposed on us, owners of many industrial facilities didn’t sit idle waiting for the lifting of the siege or the opening of the crossings and had to explore all possible ways to resume their activities depending on the availability of local raw materials and materials that can be used from the debris and waste using creative production methods that helped, to a certain extent, to revive some industrial sector. As way to encourage those creative and steadfast industrialists, and as a continuation to the activities of supporting and developing Palestinian industry, the Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI) is organizing this event”

For the sponsors and organizers:

“Supported by Palestinian facility for New Market Development Project, funded by the British Department for International Development and the World Band, and implemented by Alternatives Development and PAL group.”

I took many photos of the different sections of the exhibition which included embroidery and handcraft, glass, clay, handmade and metal products.

I loved the exhibition though it was very small. The significance of such events is reaffirming the fact that Gaza remains defiant to the siege and the occupation.


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  1. its funny how delusional you people are, no offence but you are… I see in one of the pics the person is selling a keyring with a map of “Israel” on it but its all Palestine…. this just shows how delusional you people really are and how you cannot admit the truth and reality that there never was a country called Palestine and that Israel is the country that is here… you may as well believe in unicorns and fairies… no wonder things are so messed up there… good luck with your lives…

  2. Seham, In one of Izzeldin Abu-Laish sehcpees in the US, he was asked how Palestinians viewed Iran’s involvement with Palestinian affairs. He responded that Palestinians viewed Iran as “meddlesome” and disruptive. One got the impression that Palestinians resent the impression that they can’t solve their own problems.Is that the case? Would many/most Palestinians prefer that Iran butt out of Palestinian-Israeli affairs?

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