1000 days of siege


Salamz all,

Ayman Mohyledin, AlJazeera English correspondent in Gaza, has written this blog post that describes the very minutiae of Gaza’s situation after 1000 days of siege. ٌRead here.

The statistics speak for themselves; actually sometimes there is no need for them. Because it is surmised that the idea of holding 1,5 million in an open air prison can be nothing but a collective punishment that would lead every walk of life to almost complete paralysis.
Mounting from having a 6-8 blackout everyday to the 500 people died (still to die) as a result of being deprived of access to proper medical care that can not be provided in Gaza, we in Gaza live the wholesale effect of this blockade.
This siege aims at dehumanizing the people of Gaza. And to pulverize their very own spirit to aspire their minimum rights that people do not question; to make them forget the greater cause, which is freedom for all Palestine and not just Gaza.

“And yet, for 1,000 days, the people of Gaza have survived. They have survived the inhumanity of it all and they survived a war launched to protect Israel’s humanity. They have defied a siege resiliently saying to the world while you have turned your back on Gaza, Gazans will not turn their back on their inalienable human rights. This indomitable spirit is what has driven them to survive for 1,000 days.”

After reading the very pessimistic, yet expected facts written in the article, I found myself in tears. But I believe this paragraph in particular gave me some strength.
It’s very true that despite the siege, the dehumanization, the very frustration resulting from of the very situation, the spirit of Gazans is subsisting to live, hope and dream that tomorrow will be better.

“And for 1,000 days, the people here have hoped today would be the last day of this collective punishment and that tomorrow would be the first day of their collective freedom.”

Couldn’t be better said…


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