Fragment (new poem)


It’s been a very long time since time I have added a new post. But for some reason my mind has not been helping me to do so.
Anyhow, today I wrote a poem (I don’t like saying this,because it kills the aesthetic part of it) that really reflects how I feel about my very own life.
I don’t want to write a long introduction. So here’s the outcome:

I am No where
I have never been far to be closer
Lost in the haze
not that if it gets clearer
It will be over
colder, older
hope is to falter
and I am not in my thoughts
I am not in my own
I am in the black shadow
of a rain drop
I am in the nothingness
of an obsolete home
I am in the beauty
of a flower of autumn
my pen is failing me
to complete these lines
as if it feels how fragment is
My life


3 responses »

  1. wow!
    so profound and superior .
    it’s not u’r pen failed u, it’s …there is no more to tell,as there is no other known way to express.
    very impressive LiNz,keep up =)

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