Not every red in Gaza is for blood


Today the world turns to red as it is the so called “Valentine’s Day”. Despite the fact that I do not believe in such a day, there are people in Gaza, though they are a very small minority, who actually “celebrate” it.

We can agree or disagree on the futility of such a day. However, we can all agree that celebrating Valentine’s Day in Gaza is an act of defiance.
Gaza, though it is besieged, and a war torn territory, you can always find something reflecting the will to live.

Since Gaza is a young population mostly young couples, many of whom can afford to buy gifts, actually do show some “love” in this day. Otherwise, the flower and gift shops would not have turned their fronts to red flowers and smuggled teddy bears to make some profit.

Gaza is unbreakable, and more importantly full of love that is why the siege, the war and the continuation of both, never bended the people’s will to exhibit  signs of life, even if it is when celebrating such an asinine, commercial day as Valentines’ day.


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  1. I love your way of writing and even more so you’re thinking. MashaAllah
    God be with you all and yes they can never stop Palestinians from Love!
    take care Linzo 🙂

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