Congrats to Egypt…and yes It’s from Gaza!


There have been lots of talks that the Palestinians in Gaza hold a grudge against their Egyptian counterparts, which untrue.  Today Egypt won the African cup for the third time on the row, and you can see in Gazas’ streets celebrations of this sport victory.

The “Sympathize with Gaza” t-shirt that made Abu-Trika a popular figure in Gaza

No one in Gaza can forget what Mohamed Abu-Treka did back in Africa cup. The “Sympathize with Gaza” t-shirt made that player a figure in the whole Arab countries especially Gaza. And till now you can find how much the people respect and love him.
Yes, the Egyptian government is following policies that make our lives here in Gaza harder, but I am perfectly sure that most of the Egyptian people do not agree with it.

Today is the perfect time for Egyptians and Algerians to put their disputes aside and to be happy and grateful for both teams’ achievements.  Now we have an Egyptian Champion of Africa and in the summer we’ll be having yet another team in the World cup in South Africa.

Everybody in the Arab region is not happy for how fragile the relationships between the Arab countries are.
But here comes our role as young people to trust and build a strong relationship between each others. Politicians have been nothing but disappointment to their own people. So we should forestall all the attempts to create rifts between “us” the people of this region.

Gazans support Egypt in the final match tonight-Photo taken by a friend

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