“To shoot an elephant” too real but it IS true…


Salamz all,

It was the mere chance that led me to discover this documentary. I read an interview, published on the American based site Electronic Intifada, with the journalist/director, Alberto Arce, who was in Gaza during the war.
Since the moment I have finished reading interview. I searched for more information about the documentary.
After couple of weeks, I was able to download the documentary, and I was planning to watch it on the 18th of January to be part of the global screening, but I got busy with exams. So I saw it before that date.

The two hour documentary starts from the 25th of December when the siege was tighter more than anytime before. The UN announced that its depots were closed, and they couldn’t continue their missions in Gaze due to the siege.  Moreover, there was a severe shortage of flour that made Gazans wait for hours in queues in front of bakeries to get their share of bread.
Then, it moves the viewer to the horrors of the war.

As I did live the war on Gaza, my recollection of it is related to what I heard not what I saw.
Watching “to shoot an elephant” was more of seeing what I heard.

The documentary was hard to watch, because it was very real, very raw and very silent. There were many scenes when I just burst in tears, others when I was horrified, and others when I was very angry.
Alberto Arce calls the documentary “an eyewitness” and it is pretty much so, because the editing didn’t include any narration, music, or anything.

The importance of this documentary lies in how it exposes the atrocities occurred. The accusations of being biased would be refuted by the every scene in the film. Whether it is the account of paramedics who were shot to evacuate a body or the burning white phosphorus in a house of a civilian, all these and more just confirm that war crimes were committed not just during the war even before and after.

What still impresses me, though, is that the internationals who were in Gaza were given the chance to leave, but they preferred to risk their necks to show the truth when Israel was denying access to any international journalist.  It is indeed inspiring and promising to see such models of non-Palestinians who use their own freedom to stand up by us in way that put their lives at stake.

I recommend each one to watch this documentary. It gives you a deep insight of the war on Gaza and its horrors.

More information:

Global Screening :

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