Nothing is real-A poem about Gaza


Salam all,

The process of writing this poem was very strange. I usually would have a period where I am thinking or listening to something then I suddenly find myself writing some lines. This time I found myself just writing without unconsciously preparing for it. Anyhow, here’s the outcome...

Colorless are the rhymes
as they’re deafened by dust
Voiceless are the voices
as bodies covered with blood
Bitter are the hearts
no way to run
Gory are the wounds
as festered by grudge
Prison inside a prison in a prison
the air
is not to breathe
wall around a wall under a wall
the bottomless is so close to reach
the sunrays burn, the black rain tears
the city of young dreams
nothing is like it seems
nothing is real
but real


10 responses »

  1. sunrays burn………so is the HOPE
    black rain tears ……the Hope is murdered 4 the second time here.

    the city of YOUNG DREAMZ….an attempt to revive hope

    but the phoenix is no more a myth

    beautiful LINZ, GR8 JOB SIS.

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