Global March For Gaza: Not here, but Here!


I understand, somehow, when the Israeli occupation forces kill, oppress and detain Palestinians, but when a government of a country, like Egypt does what it is doing it is hard for me fathom.
I will not write about the steel wall, because it is being built to maintain the “national security of Egypt”-Whatever that means.
Every country has the right to defend its own borders against any future insurgencies might be conducted by a besieged, destitute people like the Palestinians in Gaza.
Again, I will not focus on that issue. In the end, I can understand why it is being done although Logic doesn’t really have to do with my conclusions.

But, I still can not possibly understand why the Egyptian government has denied entry for activists coming to Gaza for showing solidarity as it marks the first anniversary of the War on Gaza.
The foreign minster’s Ahmed Abu-ELGheit explanation of the raison d’être behind the stiff refusal was total absurd.
I was very excited for the Global March to Gaza. 3 weeks ago I attended an orientation meeting for this march. The Palestinian committee were preparing for it, and discussing possible means to make it an unforgettable event.

Unfortunately, the march didn’t happen in Gaza, because of the Egyptian government-I fully blame it , but that-in no way- means it failed to meet its goals.
The massage was delivered in Egypt and echoed in the rest of the world. And that what matters.

Ironically, the activists stuck in Egypt now know something about being prisoners. The Egyptian government detained some, beat some, and “hotel” arrested others.  It’s absolutely not the experience we’d like these people to try though!

The March, if it did happen, would have been an experience none would forget. [The delegations stranded in Egypt compromise More than 1,300 activists from 42 countries seeking to be in one place for one cause]. It would have been the largest delegation to be in Gaza for showing solidarity.

I was very disappointed as I read the news coming from Cairo. I had friends, who were coming, and People I admire I wanted to meet, and new friends I hoped to make. More importantly, it was a chance to show gratitude for these people who not only sacrificed their holidays to be us, but they also spent money, effort and time for this trip.

This is the last post this year, and I dedicate it to all the free, brave and altruistic people in Egypt who sought to be in Gaza.
You give me the hope and strength that Gaza, and Palestine is not alone in its fight for freedom, and thank you for that! May next year brings us freedom and peace , and we march to celebrate that.
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