Shock and Awe: 27.12.2008


We didn’t expect it. Saturday, the 27th of December, Israel attacked several police stations killing more than 225 people and injuring thousands. The timing was very significant as the raids were at 11:25-11:35 am.
People of Gaza at the time would be at work, schools, and universities.
When the attacks first happened, we thought it was just the regular sonic booms which would leave us annoyed and shocked for couple of minutes then life would move on like nothing had happened.
I remember on that day, we didn’t have electricity at home. [November, Israel tightened the siege that the very basics were scarce, on the top of it the electricity] I ran to check the window of my room, and then, I knew it was not a sonic boom, it was bombs with smokes.
The Second hypothesis that came to my mind after I saw the smoke was “the regular attacks”, the F16s and helicopters do their dirty jobs and leave.
However, I was wrong again; the news coming from the radio was shocking. Several police stations were attacked all at once, they were not empty.

Seconds after the raids calmed down, frenzy took over the streets, people were running extremely shocked.
The mobiles’ network almost collapsed, as everyone was calling one’s family and friends, who might have been close to the sites. My mum rushed to call my father as he was at work, and my other brother.

I started to absorb what happened when I saw the footage of that police station; how men were scattered dead and injured. People were crying, screaming and praying.
I remember my friend called me late that day saying:”next week we have final exams, but I don’t feel like studying today.” I replied:”me too!”

The reactions that came from the world were disappointing, as usual, and the reactions coming from the Arabs were embarrassing, as expected.
At night, as the raids proceeded we knew there was more to it. “The worst is still to come” as the Israelis were threatening.
And the brutal war on Gaza, which claimed 1400 most of them civilians and injured more than 5000 people, started.

Now it has been a year, the anniversary does not just mark the start of the war, but to some people it is the anniversary of the loss of family and friends.
Today, we mourn those who were killed, which does not mean that we have given up our right to live free, but we should not Forgive or Forget the massacres committed by Israel.

I took this video by cellphone when I rushed to the window to check what was happening. It was taken at 11:33 am.


Amubulances sound their sirens across the streets of Gaza as today marks the 1st anniversary of the war on Gaza.


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