A reminder


Never forget,Never forgive

The first anniversary of the war on Gaza is in a week. The war was the worst assault ever launched on Gaza.

Statistics from the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme• 1,420 Palestinians killed, 446 of them children• 5,320 injured, 1,855 of them children• 4,000 houses destroyed• 16,000 houses damaged• 94.6% of children aged six-17 heard the sound of sonic jetfighters• 91.7% of them heard shelling by artillery• 92% saw mutilated bodies on TV• 80% were deprived of water or electricity• 50.7% left home for a safer place• 25.9% report one symptom of PTSD• 39.3% report more than one symptom• 9.8% report full criteria of PTSDStatistics from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights• 1,414 Palestinians killed during the conflict, including 313 children, of which: – 31% girls, 69% boys– 15% under 5; 23.3% 5-10; 62% 11-17– 73% died from bombs; 19.8% from artillery shells; 5.4% shot; 1.5% from white phosphorous• 5,300 Palestinians injured, including 1,606 children• 36 UN schools damaged• Approximately 20,000 homes completely or partially destroyed

Never forget, never forgive…


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  1. Hi!
    I recently found this blog through a friend.

    We recently started a group for to collect handmade hats for Gazan children. So far, we have made and collected over 100 hats from all over the globe, and they are being hand-delivered for us by a friend who is attending the March on Gaza at the end of this month.
    We are already collecting and making (knit, crochet, sewn) hats for our next delivery. Our effort is on-going and we hope to make and collect 2010 hats in 2010.
    We would love to have our blog featured on yours, or added to the blogroll. We need to use every means necessary to get the word out and get people involved in our cause.

    Please do visit our blog:

    Thank you!

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