Yet another day


Salamz all,
Few lines that came to me as I woke up really early. And i felt like “yet another day” then I thought that it is little bit more than yet another day.

Yet another day
isn’t yet another day
it’s another chance to take
another lesson to learn
another hardship to bear
anther memory to make
there was a glimpse of hope
that I couldn’t see
now it’s plain
There was a barrier between me and myself
now I shed
I learned that being alive
is more than breath in and out
It’s love for the One
peace in the mind
fighting for whatever is right
I am trying to make the best of my life.


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  1. Salam Linz,

    Oh just love this poem, it has so much of hope in it, that’s the way to go sis.

    May Allah bless and protect u, Ameen.

    Keep going sis as everyday has something new for u, its just there…



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