I am 21 :D


Salamz all,

Today,I am 21. Many of my friends asked me “How does it feel to be 21?” my answer is….”feels like 21!”
The thing that makes me like my birthday is the wall posts on Facebook, the late night smses and more important the gifts (so far haven’t received many:D).
But once you are in your twenties, you start to realize your goals and try your best to take concrete steps to achieve them and this can be sometimes so good and sometimes so bad.
Last year maybe was the most significant year in my life. I didn’t do much, but I changed a lot. The war on Gaza was the turning point; I have always loved my country, but I have never felt the urge to do something for it till the war took place. The whole bitter experience gave the famous quotation by Malcolm X “if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything” a more powerful meaning. After the war, I decided that the time I have on earth I should be spending it wisely to achieve my goals, and I found that the best thing to do is reading.
The fact that I also aspire to be a journalist makes me do lots of reading.  I have an ardor to learn more and more about the world. Maybe it is because I live in a much locked up place, I need to feel a sense of freedom given by learning.
One of the best things happened to me last year is the new people I came to know from many parts of the world. My friends (whether from Gaza or out), have an enormous impact on my life. Some inspire me; others encourage me or just make me laugh!
However, last year too, I got very disappointed many times. Sometimes things around you make you feel like “screw everything, I am giving up”. Yet, something or someone comes to save the day, alhamdolilah!
I really hope thing year will also be special, and I meet more positive and successful people,because they motivate me a lot.
I also hope that my artworks, poetry and blog posts will get better and better, in sha Allah!
Finally, I would love to thank Allah (swt), my family ,and friends for their love and support. God bless you all!


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  1. Well…. wanna tell u happy birthday….. even if I don’t know u at all and neither do u ….. and that It’s the very first time 4 me 2 see this website… never knew about it…. maybe cuz Am not palestinian… anyway.. nice 2 see ya….

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