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Salamz all,

Gaza has been the main focus of the media since the war, so I thought I would be a good idea to have a weekly post to fill you in with everything new about Gaza in specific and Palestine as a whole.

Starting from the 24th of October when Abbas announced that legislative and presidential elections will be will be held in the Palestinian Territories. As a result, a new parliament and a new president will be elected, if these elections really take a place, in terms of exactly 3 month from that date.
It is a piece of news I would rather not to comment on, because there is nothing to comment about. As the rifts are still standing between the two rivals (Hamas and Fatih) such “democratic process” is meaningless.

The 25th of October, The Israeli forces AGAIN raided Al-Aqsa compound and assaulted the people in the holy site. Such raids provoke strong feelings in me and every single Palestinian. Al-Aqsa mosque has been and will always be a red line. I don’t need to remind you that the second Intifada back in 2000 was sparked, because Ariel Sharon’s visit (former Israeli prime minster) to the mosque with forces escorting him.
When it comes to Al-Aqsa, there are very serious threats not just to break in by some Israeli extremist s to practice some religious rituals inside the holy site, but to take it over. And then, no Muslim would be able to pray there. As I live in Gaza, I have never been to Al-Quds, one of the things I would die for is to pray in Al-Aqsa and to visit the Holy city of Jerusalem. It’s quite absurd to be watching it through tv while you have friends, who live outside Gaza, visited it. But it is a fact, that we Gazans can not set a foot in our mosque and our city.More about the Aqsa clashes.

The 27th of October, The Amnesty International human rights group said that Israel is denying Palestinians adequate access to clean, safe water while allowing almost unlimited supplies to Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank. According to figures by the same group, the Palestinians have access only 20% of the main mountain aquifer in the West Bank while the Israelis have 80%. While 70 liters of water per capita for Palestinians, the consumption of a single person in Israel is 300 liters. 2,3 million Palestinians in the West Bank use water less than 450,000 settlers. Gaza’s only source of water is the costal aquifer which 95% of its water is unfit for human consumption.
“In September the UN Environment Programme warned that damage to the underground aquifer – due to the Israeli and Egyptian blockade, conflict, and years of overuse and underinvestment – could take centuries to reverse if it is not halted now.”A BBC report said.

Oxfam’s Mark Buttle, who co-ordinates international organisations working in the water sector, says the pressures are adding up. Gaza faces a “pending environmental disaster” he warns. “Water is life,” he says. Action must be taken now, “so that we can prevent future problems with Gaza becoming uninhabitable”.
Indeed, the water in Gaza is polluted. These reports and figures are only confirmation that the water coming out of the tap is almost like sea water. At home, we have filters to sanitize the water, however; it doesn’t change that the water is not good for human use. These filters only make the tap water “drinkable”. Not all Gazans have such system at their household; they depend mainly on public mobile water tanks, which provide water for a fixed amount of money.
But with a very limited income for most of Gazans, “buying” water seems to be unfair for a service that many people around the world take for granted.

The 28th of October, Hamas ‘bans’ January polls in Gaza. What else do you expect?! NO COMMENT!
Israel demolishes Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem. Watch the next report.

The 29th and the 30th of October, Gaza woke up by the sound of rain droppers accompanied by a drop in temperatures. Seriously, before couple of days ago the weather was so dry and so hot that we thought that maybe cold isn’t coming any time soon. Yet, today and yesterday the weather has been rainy and beautifully cold. Feels just amazing!


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