The Autumn Trip


Salamz all,

On Wednesday and after long arguments whether we wanted to go or not, my friends and I decided to go and sign up our names for yet another trip with the university. This is the second time I go to a trip around Gaza with my English department.Despite the fact that the previous trip was so cool, this one was THE COOLEST. The numbers of girls going to the trip was big but as 6 English students and one Commerce,(long story :D) were  sitting in the back of the bus and all noise was coming from our place!
Trips like these are NEEDED, you don’t know how much you do, till you try the pure fun coming out of it.  Here’s a sum up of the places we visited, followed by a video:

First-Qasr Al Basha (also known as Radwan Castle and Napoleon’s Fort). It was so much fun to go there even though it wasn’t my first time. I took a short video and many photos of the site. It’s located in the old Gaza, mainly the downtown.

Second, it’s an essential part of ANY trip you go in Gaza vising Al-Bashir amusement park. It’s one of the places where you find KGs and university students are playing the same games (one amusement park for all Gaza’s kids and adults,do the math!).
Personally, it’s always the worst part of the trip, because my friends go like “let’s try this, try that” and I am so much like “I get dizzy”. Last trip, I was lucky to escape the calls, this time I WASN’T!
In Al-Bashir, you pay 2 NIS ticket to have a near death experience.Under the pressure of my friends, I bought a ticket to a game where you go so up then so down so fast. No strict safety measures are considered at the place, but Alhamdolilah no causalities are reported. As a matter of fact, I am one coward. During the 3 minute ride on that crazy game I was closing my eyes, screaming and saying very bad words in my head. 😀 After the ride was over, unpleasant things happened to my stomach. But for the record, we laughed a lot at how scared me and friend were :D.

Then, we went to Asdaa City for media production. It’s located in Khan Yonis; it was basically built on lands where the evacuated Israeli settlements were. The mutli-usage facility was opened last year. It contains different departments :one for agriculture (green houses), other for artificial fishing pools, one for media production and an open air cafeteria. We had an amazing lunch there made by my friend Basma and lots of laughs as we we crazy signing, acting…etc 😀 😀 😀

Finally, the sea! Well it’s another “Must” when it comes to any trip we go. The weather was lovely and we stayed there the longest. But sad thing we didn’t have a boat ride! As we always do!! That was the only thing that I missed yesterday. On 4 and 30 minutes, we left.

The following video sums up some of the places we went to. Thanks to my friend Amany all the videos are taken by her cellphone.
The very beautiful pictures of the sea are taken by Basma.

I would love to thank my friends who came especially, Alaa; she always pushes us to sign up and encourages us. Amal and Walaa and Reham were just amazing, and added a great joy.


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  1. Salam Lina,

    “screaming and saying very bad words in my head. After the ride was over, unpleasant things happened to my stomach”

    this is the same worldwide LOL, any country, any people anywhere LOL. Im’ laughing at this because you sound like me;o)

    glad you had a GREAT day out!!

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