The sky out of my window 3


Salamz all,

Despite the fact that the Palestinian scene makes me so frustrated these days, the scene above Palestine tells me that “everything someway,somehow is going to be alright, in sha Allah (in God’s willing)”.


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  1. Salam Lina, your photos are beautiful!!

    There is a concert tomorrow Friday the 16th, it will take place in Dublin Ireland and in Gaza at the same time, with a link up between Ireland and Gaza. you can read about it here:


    and if you want to see it in Gaza it will be at the Gaza Ministry of Education, 3rd floor at 8:00 pm I do not know if you need a ticket but it will be a great concert. I hope you can see it inshallah

    all the best:)

  2. ♥ I know it seems… Like just a dream…
    I try to reach but someone’s got to believe
    Sometimes it seems… So hard to see…
    I know, I know someday we’ll all be free ♥


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