Stone Cold Refuses The Report


Salamz all,
Yesterday, for the 1st time I knew that extreme provocation is an inspiration.
As I already know that extreme desperation, depression and hope also push to express these conflicting feelings and thoughts inside you.
Yesterday, I was extremely provoked,desperate, depressed and hopeful. However,I won’t be saying much about that , read the few next lines, and you would understand what I mean.

Don give me mo excuses
I became deaf
Sick of yer stabbing
Not in my back but in ma face
You don’t care about a UN report?
You’d say”Who the hell is Goldstone?”
it ain’t gonna bring back 1400 souls…

Don’t tell me your pull
is for the greater good
Ain’t no good in negotiating Avigdor
Don’t tell me you postponed
so I turn no poor
I’m already in destitute
Don’t tell me it’s because
I cross no checkpoints anymore
Have ya forgotten the wall?

You are a stranger
Palestine ain’t runnin’ in yer blood
Ain’t no dignity keeps yer head up
I ain’t need your “state”
It’s only an “estate”
after a long “comprise” process
Keep it for yerself
Ain’t want thieves to be my next doors
I want to wake up in Gaza
And pray Al-Fajr in Al-Aqsa mosque

Wise up, the major powers ain’t gonna be with you in yer tomb
What you gonna say to the Lord when you are doomed?
What you gonna say to yer own people
that You disowned?
I am sorry, I didn’t know who was Netenyaho?

I ain’t writing this because u matter to me
You r just another face of the enemy
I am writing it because I am sick of your hoax
But thank you for your betrayal
It Got me out of my writer’s block…


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