Ramadan in Gaza


Salamz All,

It’s the 18th of Ramadan, wow! Time passes so quickly when you are enjoying it to the most.
Ramadan is my favorite time in the year. Quran, Taraweeh and Qiyam Al-liel (late night prayers), all of those worships bring you closer to Allah (swt). Moreover, in a hard situation like the one we are living here in Palestine not just Gaza, raising your hands to the Almighty, never fails you to rest assured that everything is going to be right even though it may take a while.

Ramadan in Gaza is not like elsewhere. The suffering of the people reached the point where some people have water on Iftar, because they are too poor to buy food. Other have their Iftar in a tent in a refugee camp made for those lost their houses in the war.

Foods are being smuggled from Egypt, however; they are beyond what an average family can afford. The precises of almost everything is doubled due to the siege.

Yesterday, my friend and I went for a tour around Gaza’s central market “Al Remal” to take photos of “aspects” of Ramadan in Gaza Well, there are once! 😀

Although it’s an impossible situation we have in Gaza, you still find what reminds you of Ramadan in the streets and in the people. I won’t be telling you, Check the video below.

Special thanks to Bodour Abu-Kuwaik, my friend who brought this idea to live. Moreover, the owner of the camera we took the photos by :D.
God bless you!

One last thing, The last ten days of Ramadan are around the corner, Don’t forget to pray for your brothers and sister in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Bosnia and every spot where there’s oppression.
كن جزءا من حملة عمر خالد “سنحيا بالقرآن


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  1. Hey Miss Lina, did you ever post a way for people to donate?

    I have been fasting during Ramadan this year in solidarity with my step-brother who is Muslim, but also with my Muslim friends all over. Of course, most importantly, it was for the sake of my own relationship with God. And I can definitely say that it has been a really good opportunity to bring myself closer to Him. I am amazed as well at how quickly it has gone by!

    I will pray for the oppressed, today and every day.

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  4. very very well done, linzo! it was interesting to see how the streets of Gaza look like, during Ramadan 🙂
    and: I def. need to come over, to taste an authentic pali-falafel!! cuz I ♥ Falafels! 😀

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