Ramadan Kareem from Gaza!


Salamz all,
Today is the first day of Ramadan to most of Muslims around the world. I would love to say Ramadan Kareem!
May Allah (swt) bring us together all to change this world to the better. In this holy month, don’t forget to pray for your beleaguer brothers and sisters in Gaza ;they need your prayers more than ever. In fact, pray for all the Muslims. The other day, I wrote on my Facebook status that I pray for the “world peace” instead of Palestine only. Well, I meant, pray for all our brothers and sister in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia,Chechnya,China and in every place oppression is treading the will of the people to be free.
All the way from Gaza, Ramadan Kareem. Peace, love and respect! A very special thanks to Ahmed S3D for the blog’s new banner!!
I designed some artworks for the occasion of Ramadan!

And stay tuned for more posts…In sha Allah. 🙂


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    Donald Bostrom Swedish Journalist on Israeli organ harvesting

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