The 21st century rap song :D


Salamz all,

Early morning yesterday, I few lines in my head. And here’s the outcome

It’s all about me, me and me
I own the 21st century
I make my dreams come true
If even it means crushing urs
I’ll be secure
Even it means faking reasons for wars
Your story may sound sad
but it makes me look so bad
so I’ll change facts
I own the news, man
I’ll look like the prey and you’ll be the predator Just like that
Your fossils, your forests and your currents
Your seas and streams
And what lies underneath
Are all for me
I’ll make out of ‘em
Things you’ll buy Things you’ll need
things Paris uses, and recommended by Britney Spears
things will make you in debt,
but at some point we’ll need a plastic surgery
Revolt, I’ll turn you against you
And you’ll kill yourself by my artillery
I listen to your scary speech
But you never scare me
Your words are just words
and I dictated you the oratory
Remember when you think about disobey
I’ll send my drugs, my thugs
I’ll spread ignorance and H1N1
then you’ll call me to ease your pain
to teach your next generations
My watch is ticking
I know I’ll come to an end
I oppress and gain
but the history teaches all a lesson
the truth is not on my side
it’s on the side of the oppressed


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