Imad Aqil: A movie from the besieged Gaza!


Salamz all,
Shootings, a car chase and a story of a hero, “Imad Aqil” is the first movie to come from Gaza.
The 2 hour picture opened on August the first in Rashad Al-Shawa- cultural center in Gaza city. It’s written by Mahmoud Al-Zahar, who is a prominent Hamas leader in Gaza, directed by Majid Jindiya, and produced by Al-Aqsa media network. The movie’s cost is about 120,000 dollars according to Hamas’ daily paper Al-Resala. The film was mainly shot in Asda’ media production city which is placed in the 2005 evacuated ex-Israeli settlements. And it was struck in the recent war.
I saw the promotional poster of the movie before its opening; I felt surprised to be having a home-made movie given the harsh situation in Gaza. Only yesterday, two of my friends and I bought the 10 shekel tickets and went to see the movie of this legendary Palestinian hero.

The plot
the movie is based on the biography of the freedom fighter Imad Aqil. It started with a scene of the midwife and her husband heading to the Aqils house to deliver the future hero, who was born on June the 19th 1971 in Jabaliya camp. Then, the audience is moved to his childhood and then his teenage in the camp, where the Palestinians were constantly subjected to random arrests and beating by the Israeli patrols.
In 1988, the Palestinian first Intifada broke out as well as Hamas was formally launched as an Islamic Liberation movement. In the same year, Imad Aqil was arrested for engaging in the Intifada and Hamas’ activities. He spent 18 months in prison. After his release, he took a leading role in the armed struggle against the Israeli army in Gaza. He was dubbed by the Israelis as “the man with seven souls”. The life of the Qasam’s brigade fighter ended with his assassination in 1993 by the Israeli army with the help of a Palestinian traitor.

The movie
It’s not the best movie I have seen, but it’s a movie from

Rasha Al-Shawa cultural center

Rashad Al-Shawa cultural center

Inside the hall waiting for the movie

Inside the hall waiting for the movie

Gaza. Putting in consideration all the circumstances, the resources and facilities that are needed to produce a movie with such plot; the outcome is relatively good given the situation and the siege which has been imposed on Gaza for almost two and a half years now. The actors and the actresses are all from Gaza. Sadly, the same Resala report mentioned that four of the actors were actually killed in the recent war on Gaza.
There were some troubles in the sound mixing; some of the dialogue was not audible along with the sound effect. Moreover, the performance of the actors was not that good.  Yet, the whole outcome must be appreciated as it came amid hard times Gaza is going through.
The movie is a part of what Hamas calls ‘a cultural resistance wave’ in Gaza as an AP report mentioned.
A tv show also is expected to be aired in Ramadan produced by Al-Aqsa media network.


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  1. سلام لينا. و الله السينما العربية بحاجة لمثل هذا النوع من الافلام عل و عسى ان ناخذ العبرة من هؤلاء الابطال الذين دفعوا حياتهم ثمنا للحرية ماتوا ليعيش الوطن رحم الله كل شهداء الامة واسكنهم فسيح جناته

  2. My friend brought me Motorcycle Diaries to watch since I have never seen it, and I thought of you, because I already started listening to the soundtrack after you had it in one of your youtube videos. =)

    Hope you are doing well, Lina!

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