LinzVlogz: Summer break in Gaza…



It’s said that summer break is a chance to refresh and toss out all the years stress. In Gaza,all seasons are the same. The siege which is bieng imposed made it impossible to think of traveling whether out-side or inside Palestine. Outdoors activities in Gaza are not much either. We have the beach…and that’s it!
Personally, I see holidays as a chance to do the things I don’t get to do in university days. I recoreded this video to show you indoors activities which will make sure that my time won’t be wasted! 🙂

Remember moros in the West Bank, Outlandishs concert is aroundthe corner. July the 2nd! In sha Allah!


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  2. Good activities masha’allah, especially reading and learning a new language, I think those will benefits you the most, I admire you’re ambition to lean new things and not to waste your time.

    p.s could you please send me the link to that website teaching Spanish?

  3. I hope you have a good summer. Here is some Irish for you to learn as well:)

    To say I livei n Gaza, you say this:

    Written in Irish=Ta me i mo chonai nGaza

    And you say it like this: (Ta May Mo-Honi n-Gaza)

    I know how MUCH you love outlandish:):) So here’s one more for you to learn:

    To say you like Outlandish, you say this:

    Written in Irish=Is Maith Liom Outlandish

    And you say it like this:(Is May Le-yam Outlandish)


  4. u’re realy good at managing ur time linz ,,especially about learning espaniol, it’s a realy cool language, i love it too 😉 ,,
    God bless u sister ,,, Allah ysabbarkom 🙂

    *-*-*Peace = free Palestine*-*-*

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