“3 amazing Outlandish song” artworks


Salamz all,

It’s been a long time!! However. I am still in the Outlandish fever which I have with each new release by them!! Yesterday, I did not have internet connection!! So, I did some artworks for two of my very favorite songs by Outlandish. “Feels like saving the world” and “Someday” both are from the new album, Sound of a rebel.
Today, I did one for another cool song “Keep the record on play”. Even I use Adobe Photoshop and it’s quite easy, it does take a LOT of time and thinking.
Anyhow, so far I’ve done 3, but I hope in the coming few days I’ll be making more. It’s all about the IDEAS!
Here’s the outcome!


4 responses »

  1. Wow!!!seriously linz,,,u should work with outlandish,,like,,to help them to design posters and CD covers or something,,i personaly find ur artworks r always beautiful and expressive,,keep going sister
    *-*-*Godbless :)*-*-*

  2. heeeeeeeeeeey..lina…i told u before that u have a great talent in art….u must use it alot…
    i enjoy them …really like them..thx lina!!

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