Save a prayer to the world (new poem)


Salamz all,

Well this poem means so much to me, because I wrote it based on very genuine feelings. Usually, I write poem based on music tones and empathy of others experiences. However, this time it was totally different. My own experience and my friends’ were the impetus of my poem.
For me, I watched a report about a 2 year Gazan boy who died yesterday, because his procedure to fix the holes he had in his heart was delayed.Due to the siege imposed on Gaza since June the 14th 2007.
I really really want you to watch it:

After I had watched this video, I got depressed for the rest of the day. Plus, two of my friends in Kuwait and Egypt were having difficulties in their lives.
Before I went to bed, I had some few lines and were coming deeply from my heart. Here’s the outcome:

Dreams imprisoned in minds
eyes blinded by sight
darkness obscures the light
time flies by
where are you from all this?
How do you fight a world that complex?
It’s said
life is easy with eyes closed
You can’t just live for you own
You can save a prayer to the world.

Children hurt
innocence is burnt
misery, wars
where am I from all this?
sleeping to run away?
ashamed to admit
I can’t do anything
For a moment I did forget
that I should not live for my own
And I can save a prayer to the world.

Let’s raise our hands to the sky
pray for a world we wanna live in
trust The Creator from within
the world will be saved by then

Finally, today Palestinians all over the world are commemorating the 61st anniversary of Al Nakba or catastrophe. Again Never forget, Never forgive.


5 responses »

    • Sorry to cause ur tears to burst.
      I hope u liked the poem, though 🙂
      And Indeed it’s all from Allah (swt)

  1. Wow!!! that was horrible,,,i couldn’t hold my self from tears 😥 ..and ur poem is as usual very expressive…La hawla wa la qowata illa billeh..Allah ysabber Ahl Gaza..((I just wish that Israelians burn in HELL ))

  2. yay..lina..that’s a really really impressive poem..
    thx 4 ure pure emotion…
    God damn the enemies…
    i saw the anniversary in TV..iranian channel showed it…
    Good luck Lina..

  3. ya Rab…:'(
    may Allah be with all those who had suffered, are suffering and who will suffer in Palestine ameen ya Rab
    beautiful poem linz, you’re feelings shone through

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