Sound of a rebel-Outlandish’s new album-why you should get a copy?!


Salamz all,

I’m a huge fan of the band Outlandish. I’ve been one since 2005. And I think people who know me in person and those who check my blog already know how much I love this band.
Anyhow, after 4 years the Outlandmoros are back with a brand new album. The moros around the world already have enjoyed “Rock all day” as a 1st single.And OL’s followers on Facebook, may have read that a music video of the song is in the make. 

“Sound of a rebel”, which is topping the Itunes sells in Denmark, is definitely an album you want to buy.

I, personally, have the album illegally, but I live in Gaza, so I think I’ve no option. Bas, In sha Allah, I’ll try someway, somehow to purchase a copy.I may not get it soon, but I’ll try!!

Anyhow, here’s a little review of what I think about the tracks:
1-“Rock all day”-Outlandish sampled a very well known song called “AbedlKader” by the algerian trio ChebFudil and Rashid Taha, the song was released in late 90s ,and it was a huge hit in the middle east andKhalid, other parts of the world. Outlandish added some rock which makes the song really rocking! An excellent summer song!

2-“Feels like saving the world” A very beautiful song. Very catchy beats and nice lyrics (even I’m still waiting for OL to get us the lyrics)

3-“Levanta” Latin beats, a very different style of music. However, I consider one of the best songs in the album.
4-“Keep the record on play”this song is cool and not cool in the same time. How?!! well Arab listeners will the think they turned the wrong record!! at the very beginning of the verse, the song starts with an arabic song called “Tetraga fiya” by Egyptian singer Ihab Tawfiq, released i think in early 2000. The thing with this song is that the song itself is really good! Very upbeat! However, “Tetraga fiya” is a whole different theme.It mainly talks about someone whose loved person is begging him/her and cry over him/her to go back together but he refuses because he will never forgive her. I know!! LOL! So I don’t know if OL know about it or not. Someday somebody ask them for me 😀

5-“Always remember” has the theme of Sakeena. Personal to the guys but many people can relate to it. It talks about their wives and how they miss them when they are away. SO SO SO SO SWEET!! Def! one of my favorite song.

6-“The emperor’s new beat” honestly, I think I will wait till i read its lyrics. Right now, it’s not my type of songs.

7-“Let off some steam” this song is so remarkable for two reasons. 1st Waqas sings the verse and it’s sooooooooooo awesome!! 2nd- it’s very latin!! Very Lenny!! Very coooool! You feel so relaxed when you listen to it!
So much like you just want a sun glasses and an orange t-shirt and sea!! That would complete the theme!

8-“Amen” I think the lyrics is good, but I’m not a fan of the type of music used in the song.

9-“Someday” is my favorite song in this album. Deep, emotional and has the most expressive chorus ever!!! It’s officially in my top 10 all time songs by Outlandish. 

10-“Crash n Burn” Outlandish slam their critics with very powerful lyrics. I think the music is little bit Asian.It’s a nice song, will be better when the whole lyrics is out.

11-“Dale duro” LOOOL! well you 1st listen to this song you will say “it’s noise!” and to me it’s noise! but cool noise!! I like some parts of it. Eventually, you can say it’s cooool!!!

12-“Sound of a rebel” won’t be saying too much! It’s a very very beautiful song! One of favorite songs in the album.

Finally, Outlandish do it again! An album that you will listen and enjoy. And it’s so addictive!! for real! I almost listen to it everyday!!!

My own unofficial promotional picture for OL's concert in RamAllah!

My own unofficial promotional picture for OL's concert in RamAllah!

Remember moros in the West Bank, Outlandish will be in RamAllah on July the 1st!!


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      • lol youve caught me, i was going to buy one anyway. =P But if not for you, I never would have heard of them! No but really, i will buy one for my brother, too, and I probably wouldnt have done THAT…

  1. Hey, thanks a lot for the post. I was just wodering if you were going to the palastine concert and if you are can you perhaps record it and put it on youtube? Thanks

  2. Assalamualaikum
    ok ive written a similar comment on elmoro4life but i’ll write it again here lol

    when i first heard let off some steam i thought it was like outlandish feat ….someone lol
    cuz the 1st bt lyk the main bits sounded like they were from someone foriegn i dunno lyk carribean or sumthin lol
    but then i watched a video (on elmoro4life) there were live videos done and outlanidh were singing let off some as i didnt see any other person with them i thought that those parts wud be sung on the record and outlanidh just sing there parts…and guess whaat??waqas actually sings it!!!lol…i was sooo surprised seriously cuz usually we hear him rapp, not sing and i thought if he sings it’ll sound lyk bangrah or sumthin desi but it doesnt lol….it sounded sooo cool mashallah!! were you guys shocked too at waqas singing it???cuz i reeeli was haha but its good mashallah/!

  3. Sick album
    absolutely love it!
    lol and your reviews of each of the songs are almost the same as mine!
    WOO GO OUTLANDISH! cant wait till the lyrics com outt…so we can feel the songs better

  4. waawww linzooo I love ur critics ! LOOL ! My fav is for the moment Crash’N Burn, and after its Always remember, and Let of some steam…well the whole album is veryyyyy good ! Hey u made me laugh when u said Dale duro was noisy !! but good noise ! I think the same ! I have a headache all this week (not bcoz of OL !) and when I listen the album, Dale duro is the only song I skip lool (noise remains noise lol)
    This album is soo original and different from the previous one, with different influences asian, arabic,etc… and lots of rythms…. i was quite surprised but I love it !!

  5. this album is insane … i love these guys ! i’m def going to buy a legal copy it’s totally worth it ! … ‘when will lenny convert’ insane man !! did i say insane already… yah ! Insane … breakfast , lunch , supper , outlandish…


    • hahaha!
      Well I am glad you like the album! I do like so much too!! I listen to it everyday and listen to nothing but it 😀

  6. i’d listened to this album already. and it’s really addictive. u just want to listen to the songs after a long tiring day. but i’m still waiting for the lyrics to come out. i hope the lyrics are as meaningful as the songs in ‘closer than veins’. closer than veins has such uplifting beautiful songs =)

  7. I’m 50% Palestinian and living in the USA. I feel for you man, I have family in Gaza! I really like your site, check out mine if you have time!

    P.S. Outlandish is my #1 favorite band.


    • Salamz Yusef,
      Nice to meet you!! Thank you for dropping by my site. I checked yours it’s coool!!
      Keep visiting the blog 🙂

  8. Elo, Im Paula from Poland, I found Your blog by chance when I was lookin’ for Outlandish lyrics for their new song Crash N’burn. As for me this album is another proof that Outlandish shows us not just a ‘music’ to listen but music to feel and to learn.
    And also for me Outlandish is number one. However here in Poland they are not so known, and I have no friends who listen to this music.
    Still Im lookin’ for legal copy to buy but I guess I hav to wait some months to get it here..

    Thanks for your critique about their new album, it helped me a lot to compare with my own opinion on the songs. Personally I like much Crush N’burn and Always Remember.

    Greetings from Poland (:

    • Hey, Paula!
      Nice to meet you! I do agree with you on what you just said.
      Keep visiting the blog!
      My best regards

  9. salam…hi there my friends.i am from malaysia and i am one of OL biggest fan. but in malaysia OL not well known yet!!!ur review of the songs was almost the same with mine!!!nice blog anyway.LUV PALESTINE n LUV OL,too=)

  10. salam….hi there friends. i am from malaysia and i am one of OL biggest fan. ihave listen to thier latest album and it was very wonderful that i dont know how to describe it in words.lbtw,ur review is almost the same as mine!!keep spreading the love around.LUV PALESTINE n LUV OUTLANDISH,too=)

  11. Salaaam… Well I’m maybe the first big fan of Outlandish in The Netherlands haha. but now OL has got a big fanbase in The Netherlands. anyway. when I heard the samples, I was like hmmmm, I’m not sure I’m gonna like. but after I heard the whole album…… I LOVE IT….. AGAIN!! LIKE EVERY ALBUM. The lyrics are touching again, but this time they put more commercial beats in it. it doesn’t matter. those songs are good for radio, for in your car and mp3player!

    enjoy the album OLfans;)

    • Salamz Othman!
      I saw parts of OL’s concert which took a place in January on Utube. Did you go?
      I do agree with what you said about the album! Go n buy a copy now 😀

  12. Thank you for your short review,I wished it to be longer to help me get an idea about the album before listening to it,because with the hyper Rockiii OL i just need the lyrics badly.
    Thank you again,i’m glad that OL have this kind of Arab fans,i thought i was the only one.

  13. I’m one of the biggest fans of OL in Gaza Strip,
    I should say,
    Ol is a very talented band that connects the west with the east beautifully .
    Sound of A Rebel is totally different from the others albums, which consists of new types of beat & lyrics,
    & by the way .. ” Keep the record on play”,is perfectly doesn’t share the same theme of “Tetraga Feyya”

    • Salam Sameh,
      I’m glad to meet moros from Gaza. I know the band has a fair number of fans here.
      Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend their concert in RamAllah 😥

  14. thanks for d review…well loved d album…i dunno how they do this…..evrytime they release their new album….it surpasses the previous one….dats hw gud elmoro are….well i’m frm India…my review wud also be d same as urs….most of it atleast…ur doin gr8 work hea….loved ur artworks….keep them cumin….even outlandmoro wud be impressed wid them…..
    jus wantd to tell ya dat der r two additional tracks which hav been mentioned in S.O.A.R. wiki page….i hav got one of them(Out of sight), but i cudnt find d other one(the whole world)….well temme if u r able to find it….
    d same thng happend wid der previous album…”Keep it Halaal” track was nt der in d main album….it ws released only in Deluxe UK edition….n wat a gr8 track dat ws….still cant get over it… 🙂

  15. n yea had this doubt abt Waqas singin “let off some steam”….his voice sounds so different….i mean if it is him….then Hats offf….. 🙂

  16. thx very much 4 the expressive explanation!!
    i really liked it,,thx to you ^^”
    but i wanted to ask a personal question meybe….
    from where u got the album for free??
    coz it is not in stoes here in jordan,,and i don’t buy online,,please tell me……
    sweet poison

  17. ur reviews r really professional ..
    but actually i think Closer Than Veins
    was much deeper ..
    S-O-A-R is more of a danceclub-friendly album ..
    even it has a great tunes n lyrics ..
    in general OL is a message n i’d love any
    song they sing .. they really know how to turn
    us on .. !Greetz frm SyriaMoros ..

  18. i think evry muslim, no matter how not worried about wats hapnin to us as a nation, after lisnin to OL does get to thinkin, the truth, the importance of unity amongst ourselvz.. INSHALAH, PEACE!! ALL MA MOROZ OUTHERE

  19. wow that’s perfect guys!!! that’s amazing to me I like y’all Outlandish , I like that style!!! U re the best , I hope that My voice could be like the voice of Isam Bashir , i like this very much , The song that I really liked is Crash n Burn it leaves an Indible emotion, And Don’t forget the song of Always rememeber, ur voices guys look like Black Yed PEAS cool!

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