Tell her (A new poem)


Salamz, peace and pas,
Man! where to start??! Isam’s B Danish songs are just magical. Especially, a song called “2200 Carmen”. I’ve been listening to this song for like 2 days. Maybe only today I have listened to it like 6 times on the row.
But I had a purpose…I had lines in my head as I was also doing the weekly up-side down cleaning to my room. I was doing 3 tasks at once: cleaning my room ; listening deeply to the song ; and writing down the lines in my mind.
As my mum started shouting at me :” Lina! finish your room!” I was already writing it down on paper 😀
So I obeyed my mum but I was writing on the notebook and vacuuming 😀
Then I typed it into the computer! FINALLY!
I ,usually, before I publish my “Lines”, I send them to any of my friends. But today none has read it. So…I’m lil bit stressed!! Anyhow, after a very long boring introduction, it’s the time of the OUTCOME!
Ps, you may interpret this poem in many ways…but it’s necessary to remember that THIS AIN’T A LOVE SONG THIS IS A LIFE SONG!!!!

“There’s sadness in her eyes

but there’s also smile down on her lips
There’s pain she tries to conceal
But it’s to plain to see
If you ask her what’s wrong?
She’ll lie, and say nothing’s worth

In fact, she doesn’t spend time alone
making time for herself is not something she can atone
She doesn’t cry in front of you
She’d say any tears are not yours
She can endure

So tell her oh oh oh
that she’s your world
Rub on her shoulders, make her feel better about herself
Tell her oh oh oh
That her happiness is your goal
then you’ll see the real smile in her eyes
She’s the best thing in your life

She chooses the battles
That you have to fight
Thinks with her mind
unless she needs to sacrifice
Nothing of what she does for you
is too much
She wants nothing in return

So tell her
she means everything
pick her a flower and kiss her hand
Tell her
She’s your gift
You don’t know what did you do to deserve
then you’ll see the real smile in her eyes
She’s the best thing in your life

Tell her you love her
Tell her that she’s your heart

tell her that she’s your light
tell her that she’s the best thing in your


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  1. haha lina, i enjoyed ur introduction as well as ur lovely poem! bless ur mumi 🙂
    that poem is so crazy, and if we consider that u created that while doing other things at the same time, it’s definitely mooore than well done! 😀
    did u ever think about singing the lines of ur poems? at least u cud send them 2 OUTLANDISH, they wud put ur poems into their music, 4 sure and with pleasure..haha 😀
    anyways, keep it up sweet linz!
    love xxx

  2. Lina your poem is just beautiful ! Mash’Allah, u know how to describe feelings which is a difficult exercise I think. This is really a Life Song, a poem in which everyone can find a part of its own life…
    10/10 😀

  3. hey…. have a great talent.r u litreture student!?i mean ure poem sounds wonderfull.u know,i found ure blog URL on elmoro4life fourm!!
    i’m from iran friend!
    have a nice day..

    hey.btw…um,u said u’d heard the song”2200 carmen”.why dont u sharing it on elmoro4life”s fourm.i didn’t find it to listen.i know there are alot of fans that haven’t listened it yet too.thx Lina!

  4. Sweet .. Emotional ..
    Lina why don’ u make it more rhymed so i
    can make a muzic arrangement n record a
    demo .. (if u don’ mind)
    i was in a local band singin’ Ebtihalat
    for 7 years .. and now i’m a Moro rocker ..
    God bless ..

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