Me, the sea and Isam B


Salamz, peace and paz,
I know it’s been a long time since last time I posted; my cellphone, which I take my videos with, was broken. It was only fixed couple of days ago.
Today, me and my folks went to Al-Deira, a hotel/cafe on the seaside. That place is where most of the international journalists, NGOs workers stay.
Anyhow, here in Gaza. IF you want to go out for a cheap outing. You have only one place, the sea!
To me, it’s my favorite place to go. It’s somehow always new even it’s always the same.
Today, the sea was mesmerizing! indeed! I won’t be saying much about my sea experience for today…I’ll leave you to watch it and feel it (somehow)

ps, you’ll see fishing boats trying to catch some fishi, but the range is too limited. In the long distance, you see Israeli warships. It didn’t happen when I was there, but if they cross their range, they shoot at them :/ !!

That’s all, I hope you are feelin’ the fresh air coming through your face (just open your window) 😀


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  1. Lovin ur post..hey keep goin to Al Deira maybe u’ll meet someone who can help u find journalism trainin 😉 So u’ll realize Linz’s fav professions who knows 😀 hehe

    Viva Isam

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