Gaza-Never forget, forgive (artwork4Gaza)


Salamz all,

After almost 1 month or more, I’m back to designing artworks. It feels so good!!
The theme, however, has not changed that much. The war on Gaza is still dominant. Simply, because I’ve not forgotten and I’ve not forgiven. (and never will). Initially, I’ve designed 3 artworks. More to come in sha Allah.


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  1. Assalamualaikum
    i luv these pics sis but about the never forgiving i know that its terrible whats happened but in Islam dont we believe that a person should forgive sum1 who has wronged them within 3 days or else ur not muslim…or maybe its just for if a muslim wrongs u but im sure it applies for every1]
    so inshallah forgive, maybe not coz u want to but for the sake of Allah s.w.t.!!!

    oh yh and have u seen my page yet??ive also got songs about gaza on some of my posts, theres one post i made about songs for palestine iraq and gaza…enjoy inshallah

  2. salam alaikom dear moro
    mash’allah you are doing a great work you are the best designer that i had known keep your creativity going
    zineb morocco

  3. The first 2 are hands down AMAZING! the third one i found it a lil confusing :S the image of the guy in the bike infront of the destroyed building sends 2 different emotions ! unless u really mean to send the msg that this is the everyday usual life of people trying to feel normal in the destruction of gaza.. ru ??

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