Outlandish in Palestine!!!!!!!! But…


Salamz all,

I think after many posts, now you should know how much I respect and love the band Outlandish.
Good news for the moros in the West Bank, Outlandish will be rocking you all day! On July the 1st in sha Allah in RamAllah. For further details check the official site of the band.
I’ve made this little video to share with you why I can’t go and how this little thing is addressing a bigger issue which is the OCCUPATION!

I think I’ve said all what I wanted to in that clip 😥

In sha Allah kheir!


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  1. Thanks for the post.
    I think talking about this issues was a good idea, at least some people could relate to it, it’s sad to know that living in Gaza prevents you from a 1 and half hour trip to be the concert!

  2. Salam …

    it feels so sad to know that you are struggling that bad …

    I’m praying for you here in Saudi Arabia …

    and thanks for the post …

    I hope you are feeling much better now …

    • Bro Fahad,
      I understand that you are angry with Zionist Jews so am I. Yet, Judaism is a monotheistic religion like Islam and Christianity.
      We(as muslims) respect the Jews who are against the illegal establishments of the state of Israel.
      So, I’d rather say May Allah grant us liberty and victory over Zionism. 🙂

  3. I am really sorry that some moros can’t take part in the concert…:(( Maybe it’s the only possibility to see Isam, Lenny and Waqas performing live…It’s not a little thing, by the way…I was lucky to see them, thanks God and thanks Outlandish…’cause when they came in Romania, I definitely couldn’t arrive at their concert…But I did, due to their kindness..:) And I know how hard it is for you…:( I understand it perfectly…What can I say? Be strong and keep the faith into your heart…maybe one day, things will change and OL will be able to rock all the moros in the world…
    Peace ^-^

  4. Assalamualaikum sis
    hal786 again
    ok i luv outlandish too so so wud be gutted if i cudnt go either
    but maybe sumthin will haappen a miracle INSHALLAH so u might go,..but not looking like its gonna hapen is it? lol

    well to make u feel better u can visit my blog
    go to hal786.wordpress.com/outlandish
    for my outland pge.
    ive got sooo many of their songs there, so i hope u enjoy.
    check out the rest of my blog too i’ve written soo much on gaza in my homepg, especially thru the time of the offensive in dec/january

    we raised some money for u guys in our school here in egnland so i hope inshallah it’ll benefit u guys there!!

    and i have to say ur like an inspiration to us all..i luv the post u did about keeping strong the dummies guide to living in gaza…its so beautiful mashallah that thru all the chaos its the ppl that r being fought upon are the ones who keep strong but those who r killing they r weak.

    so inshallah keep ur faith in Allah s.w.t at all times sis, inshallah one day the occupation Will be over..remember in islam we believe that one of the major sign:imam mahdi wil come and there’ll be total peace in the world, ppl wont need any money lol (a bit hard to imagine in thses times but true) and every1 will be equal. so there is still hope, we just have to keep our belief.

    inshallah u’ll be rewarded for all this in the akhirah

    i cant believe it here we have tv internet houses safe place to live water everyfin but u guys wake up to bombs

    inshallah it’ll be ok soon

    r u and ur fmly ok..none of u were hurt were they in the recent war??

    i dunno how i’d cope if i lost my friends.

  5. Linz Im glad you made this video. maybe some good can come of this afterall. you’ve raised my awareness of the Israeli occupation there and Inshallah you will find peace with this soon.

    Im sorry you will not be able to go and sorry for the bigger picture: you are a prisioner in gaza 😦 but Linz Allah is the very best of planners, have faith sis. I pray you find the happiness you all deserve soon ameen !

  6. cheer up Linz..i’m 100% sure that u’ll see ’em oneday isa..maybe u r not just destined to go to this gig but it’s not their last either..
    so smile linz and try to forget ’bout it..
    u gonna make it oneday isa ;))

  7. Salam sister..just knowing that u can’t go makes me angry in ure place,,i mean it’s like u’re jailed in youre own home..and even the Arabic politicians are useless
    But don’t get sad..May Allah replace it with a better thing, Allah is able on anything
    Godbless -Take care-

  8. What a pitty !!
    How come we always are prohibited to attend such a concert ?!
    I used to live in Dubia , & I was lucky to attend a concert of OL .
    but ..
    It’s realy shame & awful that at the end , OL is going to hold a concert at my motherland , & We’re unfortunately banned !!

    it drives me crazy , & I’m going insace.

    Fate someday gonna make our dream come true ,

    Make it rock all day OL ..
    Give the audience a concert to remember

  9. you know what you made me love them . i never heared of them but ii will visit their website soon inshallah . ur poems are great too . i wish i would be like you or even cultured as you r .

  10. am really glad that we can just relate with them you guys i feel sooo bad for them and hope the world will know what is really going on in gaza

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