You know what makes me feel good? ROCK ALL DAY BY OUTLANDISH


Salamz all,

It’s awesome when you wake up and find the new song by Outlandish is sent to you (THANK U, you know urself).
The moro ,who sent me the song, was generous enough to share it as a video with all the cool moros out there.
And as I am an authentic moro…I should add some Outlandish to my blog.
Still, You can “watch” the full song…and then buy the track from Itunes.
!REMEMBER! Illegal download is only legitimate to those who can’t buy stuff online for political or geographical reasons.


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  1. Yes, you’re right!! everyone who can buy the album should do it!! it is the only way we could keep Outlandish going 🙂 (we need more 5th, 6th, 7th…. albums lol)

  2. I like this song, the music at the begining is Algerian (Abd el qader ya bou3alam…),,,I love Outlandish =D…thanx Lina
    Godbless*-*-*Peace :)*-*-*

  3. Crack all day make them feel good.
    Crack all day make…

    Random Facts:
    practically Gaza is not occupied and still sending booms to israel.
    Gaza being controlled by terrorists.
    Ain’t life a bitch

  4. Well actually Gaza is still under occupation as Israel controls Gazas borders, airspace and territorial waters.

    Rock all day!

  5. @ israel, U dont even deserve a comment! and yea random facts: the Americans were called terrorists when they fought against the might of British empire, so was the Indians and the victorious were the ones oppressed, so mate u would want to count the days!!

  6. viva palestina
    │▒│ /▒/
    │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

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